Precise comparison between Beowulf and Lord of the Flies

Even though the leaders in both novels begin as heroic and powerful, their ego takes over leaving their followers to fend for themselves.

Construct an insightful and precise comparison between Beowulf and Lord of the Flies.  Make sure your essay is based on a single, narrow claim. In other words, don’t draw several, disparate comparisons that don’t come together. Avoid broad, vague comparisons that fail to show careful thought and shrewd analysis.

Pay attention to your prose, as the style will account for a significant portion of your grade. This should go without saying, but I’ve been surprised in the last couple of years, so do make sure you use separate paragraphs and that everybody paragraph, however many there may be, constructs a point that helps to validate the claim in your introduction. Quotes are helpful, but avoid long ones unless they are utterly crucial.