Aspect of Entrepreneurship

Look for a current article (newspaper, current news magazine, or legitimate Internet website no older than 1 year from the due date) that relates to any aspect of Entrepreneurship. Please, no articles with political orientation.

Additionally, if you are reviewing a very short article (one that is so short, your review will be longer than the article), you will need to find additional articles on the same topic to receive full credit.

All submissions will be graded as to following instructions, content, punctuation, grammar, citations, and sentence structure. Late submissions will not be accepted. Here are the specifics:

• 12-point Arial font, 1/4 inch indentions, and one-inch margins on all sides.

• You will write one full-page review on each article.

• One-half page (single-spaced, keyboarded) summary of the article.

• One-half page (single-spaced, keyboarded) of your critique and opinion about the topic being discussed in the article.

• If your review is not one full page, 5 points will be deducted from your total score.

• If you do not include the Internet URL of your article with your review, 5 points will be deducted from your total score.

• No coversheet or Letter of Transmittal is required.

• Submit your file as: Lastname.Firstname.Art01.docx. See the example below. Article review of Name of Article Author of Article:  Source of Article: (Internet URL as per APA) Submitted by: Your name ½ page of single-spaced summary. ½ page of single-spaced critique and opinion.