Argumentative Essay: Harlem Renaissance

Hello, the direction I am looking to take for this paper is to explore the causes and lasting effect/legacy of the harlem renaissance, with a heavy emphasis on how The Great Migration played a role

Here are the instructions as provided by the instructor.

Locate a minimum of Two SCHOLARLY (2) outside sources when writing this paper.  A scholarly source is a book or article written by an author with a terminal degree (PhD/JD) in a research intensive discipline (History, Sociology, psychology etc)– the textbook DOES NOT COUNT AS A SOURCE– Books (check the author) JSTOR (I can help) Do not use google scholar

Please keep in mind that the subject of your paper MUST BE WITHIN OUR COURSEWORK ~1866-2000, be about AMERICAN HISTORY, and be an ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY.

Essays must be 6 pages MINIMUM (all the way to the bottom of page 6) double-spaced, times new roman or Calibri font size 11-12, WITH FOOTNOTES and NO WORKS CITED PAGE OR BIBLIOGRAPHY