American Literature Critical Analysis

American Literature Critical Analysis: Critical Analysis Paper This first paper will be a focused interpretation of a single work using one of the critical approaches.


1. Select a story or poem from an American literary work written before the civil war

2. Use one of the following critical approaches as a lens to analyze the poem: Feminist Criticism Post-colonial Criticism Marxist Criticism New Criticism New Historicism I will be looking for a clear thesis statement, offering an interpretation of the poem that is supported by evidence, either from the poem or other sources.

The lens you select should guide the questions you ask of the poem and thereby characterize your interpretation. Remember this is a formal essay—not a casual response. Consider me your reader looking for you to offer to mean to this poem. I will also be looking for cohesion, organization, clear phrasing, and correct grammar and spelling.

Length Requirement: 2-3 pages Format: MLA–Double spaced, Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins. Get Thesis writing help.