Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative Energy Sources: Our society runs on vast quantities of cheap energy, most of which is obtained from burning easily extracted fossil fuels. But as our reserves of these “easy” fuels diminish, we are going to be forced to make increasing use of other sources of energy, such as more “difficult” fossil fuels and various types of nuclear and renewable energy. Your assignment is to do some research and write a brief paper on ONE of these other energy sources. In your paper, you will consider such factors as

1) availability of the energy source

2) the technology needed to make use of (“extract”) the energy source,

3) what the energy source may be useful for,

4) what the energy source may not be useful for,

5) the environmental impacts of using the energy source,

6) the long term sustainability of the energy source,

7) and whether the ease or difficulty of using this source makes pursuing it worthwhile. Get Essay writing help.