Adult Education and Training – Training manual project contract

In the final course, EDU 624, candidates specializing in Adult Education and Training will be designing and creating a complete TRAINING MANUAL for a brand new subject. A training manual is like a textbook to learn a skill. It works independently with no classroom to help a learner master a particular skill or knowledge set. The manual must, at a minimum, include the following elements:

a. Company process, policy standards, or research study that demonstrates the need for this manual

b. learning outcomes/objectives in ABCD format, at least 2-4 terminal course objectives for the manual, and 2 enabling objectives for each unit.

c. materials for at least 4 units

1. Content materials originally created by the candidate (i.e. books, workbooks, practice sheets, presentation materials)

2. A detailed description of the content

3. Methods of practice for the learner addressing multiple learning modalities

4. Nine steps of instruction components within the design of activities

d. assessments and answer keys to show mastery of each objective

e. design evaluation of the project showing how and what data to collect and setting at least 2 objectives to be met to show the success of the manual.

Before submitting your topic idea be sure to verify that there are suitable topics to present on this subject matter to provide a minimum of 4 units of instruction to meet and at least 2 objectives to be mastered in each unit.

The TRAINING MANUAL must contain a minimum of four units and a maximum of ten units. The format and overall look are at the discretion of the candidate but must be done in Microsoft Word.

The project must be original work, created and completed by the candidate during the EDU 624 class session, and reflect mastery of specialization skill sets. The final product format is at the discretion of the student but must reflect completeness, professionalism, and mastery of curriculum design. It will be due to the final IP project for this class and will be worth a maximum of 500 points.

This is your culminating project experience that must reflect all facets of your M.Ed. journey. On average, successful projects have ranged in length from 20 to 30 pages to accommodate the expected depth appropriate to reflect mastery.

Refer to your Specialization courses and resources for training model specifics. Refer to EDU604 for the general instructional design model (ADDIE). At a minimum, a training design model should.

  • Assess learning need
  • Develop objectives
  • Design content
  • The design practice of content
  • Design Assessments
  • Present content strategies
  • Evaluate overall design