Acts 2-1-13 The Coming of the Holy Spirit (Exegesis Paper)

. The Acts 2:1-13 The Coming of the Holy Spirit (Exegesis Paper)  paper should have the following characteristics:

• The entire paper shall be no fewer than ten (10) double-spaced pages and no more than twelve (12). Longer papers are not necessarily better. Think quality not quantity and
demonstrate good writing with an economy of well-chosen words.
• The paper shall incorporate at least ten bibliography resources, including commentaries, journal articles, and other scholarly works (not counting versions of the Bible since it is the basis for the paper). The bibliography should not rely on study Bibles, websites, or other
inferior sources; if these are used, deductions will be assessed.
• The paper shall be submitted in Portable Document Format (.pdf). This format is an easy conversion from Word or Pages. No other format is accepted, and assignments submitted in a different format will be deducted points for late submissions until a readable format is obtained.