The DNP Project: Developing The DNP Essentials Assignment Help

PICOT Question

In adult oncology patients at an infusion Center at Queens Hospital Center, does the implementation of a music therapy program compared to current practice, impact pain scores during chemotherapy over 8-10 weeks?

Which DNP Essentials could be demonstrated in your scholarly project?

The DNP programs are specially designed to uplift the students’ practice knowledge and system leadership skills. Implementing new knowledge is necessary for continuous improvement (Riner, 2015). The DNP degree is a terminal degree in nursing practice and prepares the students to be translational leaders to implement innovations to practice settings. The capstone DNP project is an evidence-based practice implementation that will improve patient outcomes. The project outcome can potentially influence the policies at the organizational and system-level (Diegel-Vaceka, & Yonkaitis,2022).

 The DNP project is the summative evaluation of all the essential skills learned during this program. My scholarly project demonstrates important DNP essentials, such as scientific underpinnings and organizational and system leadership to improve the nation’s health and advanced nursing practice. The DNP student also used analytical methods, information technology, and interpersonal collaboration for improving patient care and healthcare advocacy skills. The DNP student appreciated the benefits of building up the essential skills throughout the course, which empowered her to build up the final DNP project.

Does your project idea consist of breadth and depth of knowledge within a defined area?

The project’s idea of implementing music therapy as an adjunct pain management strategy will be an excellent addition to the current practice. This idea emerged after studying the epidemiology of poorly controlled cancer pain at local, state, national, and global levels. The DNP student identified many adverse effects of narcotics, and many patients are reluctant to take drugs with the fear of overdosing and adverse effects. The DNP student spent almost two years of in-depth research on this topic and identified the benefits of music on pain. The student discussed intervention effectiveness with many content experts, read hundreds of articles, and found robust research evidence to support the therapeutic use of music intervention to reduce cancer pain.

Is there the potential for innovation and creativity to affect an outcome?

 The DNP student will be identifying which genre of music is more popular among the participants, which will assist in including more music from those popular genres in the future. Another creative option to improve the outcome is to bring music artists and play music for a group with the active involvement of patients and provide opportunities for the patients to sing along. Another creative idea that emerged from one of the top stakeholders is to compose music albums by talented hospital employees and make their streaming music for this purpose.

 What areas of expertise and passion do you bring that you can build on? What skill sets do you need to develop to implement your DNP project successfully?

 As a nurse practitioner in pain management, I am very passionate about learning about the complex multi-dimensional phenomenon of pain and its impact on the physical, emotional, and social domains of a patient’s life. The DNP student got excellent opportunities to develop many essential skills and is in working progress. I need to work on my system leadership skills and information technology consistently.

Capstone Assignment Help

Please provide your instructor and student colleagues with an update on the implementation phase of your DNP Project. Share any successes, challenges, or barriers you experienced this week.

The project implementation plan is made. The DNP student gets ready for the implementation by printing the consent forms and assessment tools, procuring music therapy equipment, and arranging the list of therapeutic music. Prepared the educational session content and handouts.

 Even though the DNP program is an advanced doctoral clinical practice degree, the number of graduates in system leadership in a clinical setting is limited. This recommends more studies to identify the future opportunities for the DNP graduates in clinical settings (Beeber et al., 2019).


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