Assessment 1: Review of a Physical Activity Health Promotion Program

Physical Activity Health Promotion Program

Weighting: 35%

Word limit: 800-1000 words

Due Date: Friday, September 9,  before 11:59 pm via Turnitin in Canvas

 Task Background:

Community-based physical activity health programs and initiatives have been developed to promote and engage end users in physical activity/exercise with the ultimate goal of improving physical, mental, social, and emotional health and well-being. The concept is to encourage people to be self-aware in terms of their health status; provide resources and tools, and empower individuals to improve their overall health.

Task description:

Students are required to identify, investigate and critically review a physical activity health promotion program. This must be an initiative or intervention specifically targeting individual physical activity behavior change (e.g., increase physical activity levels). Thus, a program focused on nutrition, for example, is NOT appropriate. Also, a one-off single event (e.g., Terry Fox Run) is NOT appropriate, it must be an ongoing program.

Students are to search and investigate the details of the program and critically review the program as a health promotion tool/strategy/approach for individuals. Students are also expected to provide recommendations on how the program could be further improved to enhance the program’s effectiveness.


Step 1: Search and identify a physical activity health promotion program/intervention. It can be an online or face-to-face program and can originate in Australia or Internationally. This can be a commercial-based (e.g., 10,000 Steps Australia) or a research-based program/initiative (e.g., Football Fans in Training-FITT Program).

Step 2: Familiarise yourself with the program; test the resources/tools available; engage in sharing tips and resources, and install/use the mobile application (if relevant). The point is you want to make sure you understand all aspects of the program, including its usability, its appropriateness, content, modes of delivery, etc.

Step 3: You are to review the program and provide recommendations about how the effectiveness of the program could be further improved.

Step 4: Write your review using the following headings:

  1. Background and aims of the program
  2. Strengths and weaknesses of the program
  3. Program’s potential for eliciting behaviour change in individuals
  4. Recommendations for further improvements

Below are some guiding points for each section that you should consider. Your review may include (but is not limited) to these guiding points:


  • Who set it up?
  • How long has it been operating?
  • Provide some history on the program/
  • Is there a strong scientific background?
  • Who is the clientele/ target audience?


  • What is the aim?
  • Do they state specific objectives/goals?
  • Why was it established?

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • What does the program do/not do so well? Why? Provide
  • Are the methods, strategies/tools appropriate for the target audience? If so, why? Provide evidence.
  • Are there any stand-out features? Why/How are they stand-out features? Provide
  • Are there any flaws/errors?   If so,  of what types?   Technical?   Conceptual?

Theoretical? Provide evidence.

Potential for eliciting behaviour change

  • Does this program have the potential to elicit individual behaviour change? Why/ Why not? Provide
  • Outline theories or models that are utilized or could be utilized.


  • How could the effectiveness of this program be further improved? Provide

General guidelines:

  • Do not exceed the word limit (10% -/+)
  • Use suggested headings to structure the review
  • Use 3rd person; use passive voice
  • Must be 12pt, Arial or times new roman font
  • Must be double spaced, with normal default margins (2.54cm)
  • The title page must follow APA guidelines (APA student cover page)
  • All referencing must be in APA format. This includes all in-text citations and the reference list.
  • Use supporting evidence where appropriate (see above). This evidence must come from reputable sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, and government documents). Each review should include between 8-10 references. All evidence must have been published in the last 10 years (2012-2022).

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