Reengineering health care essay

Reengineering health care essay

Comment1.          Nurse managers and leaders’ role in reengineering health care is by being advocates for patients and staff, as well as to make sure the hospital’s environment is calm and functioning smoothly. “Advocacy is a process used to facilitate growth in others. Common methods of advocacy are:

1) providing others with information that empowers them to make their own decisions, and 2) acting on behalf of others who do not have the ability or power to advocate for themselves” (Reengineering, 2011). It is important for the nurse managers and leaders to create a hospital facility environment where patients are respected and are empowered by educating them on their health and condition to enable them to make decisions about their treatment and care.

Reengineering health care essay. It is also important for managers/leaders to continually check on their staff’s patient care feedback and any concerns they may have. It is also important for them to listen to their staff and patient. “Leaders must listen to the sounds of change. Leaders must help people work through the grieving process and conflicts experienced during times of change. Because the pace of change in health care is so rapid, leaders must be prepared to deal with the chaos and uncertainty through calm communication” (Reengineering, 2011). Reengineering health care essay.



Health care requirements need to adapt to changes based on the needs and demands of the community being served. Therefore reengineering is necessary to maintain safety in practice, improve processes and increase efficiency in care delivery while saving costs. A manager plays an important role in advancing and keeping the healthcare system in progress.

The nurse manager initiates and coordinates the health care team in delivering high-quality patient care services. For these managers or leaders to achieve this goal, several principles have to take place. These include ethical decision-making and adhering to professional codes.

Reengineering health care essay. “Ethical decision making like any other decision making requires the manager to gather information, identify the problem, generate alternatives or select an alternative to implement and evaluate results. Ethical decision making depends on the identification of the ethical principles that guide the selection and expectations of the outcome” (Grand Canyon University, 2013). Professionally, nurse managers should keep up to date with legal aspects in the health care system in order to protect patients, staff, and the interests of the organization. Reengineering health care essay.


Health care reengineering is a discipline that helps organizations reorder priorities, provide more cost-effective care, and increase value to customers. Reengineering should be driven by what is best for the organization and the needs of the organization. Reengineering is a critical “core competency” and “requisite skill”  for health care organizations if they are to succeed under managed care in the future.

Managers and leaders play a vital role in the process of reengineering. The manager’s role is to ensure “that the mission of the organization, which focuses on providing excellent care for clients, is fulfilled through effective and efficient coordination of resources” (GCU, 2013). Managers display the skills for showing responsibility by guaranteeing that the staff is competent to provide the care of each individualized patient. Managers show their skills by holding staff accountable.

Managers have been described as planners, problem solvers, delegators, and staffers (Huber, 2014). GCU, 2013, described the roles of management as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Reengineering health care essay. Leaders are the mentors and inspirations of the organizations. The leaders make the goals and outcomes known to the organization. The leaders are critical to organizations as they ensure that the operations that run from day to day run smoothly without any bumps in the roads. Managers and leaders have distinct roles within their organizations but they both must integrate their roles to provide effective leadership. The managers and leaders work together to develop the “power” needed to accomplish goals, mission, and reengineering within the hospital.


A good leader is pivotal to playing the role of re-engineering health care. A leader can sheer staff, patients, and their families through difficult decision-making processes. As laid out in our lecture notes, a leader can assist in the navigation of ethical decision-making, which impacts legal issues, patient, and staff conflict, change, conflict resolution, and communication. Reengineering health care essay.

Navigating ethical dilemmas can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming. In my health care system, we have an ethics committee, which is a forum in which we can present ethical patient dilemmas and talk them over in a forum to find the most ethical solution for the patient. Reengineering health care essay. The facility is a Catholic facility so much of our decision-making for our patient population is based on our core values as an institution. As a leader in the organization, I encourage the staff to rely on this ethics forum for support when ethical dilemmas arise so that they can take part in the forum and have a role in making conclusions. Reengineering health care essay.