Professional Nursing Portfolio Example

Writing a Professional Portfolio

A professional nursing portfolio is an essential carrier tool that is used in several instances and includes a combination of materials that articulates your qualifications, experiences, training, skills, and beliefs (Bergeron, 2021). A professional portfolio depicts a person’s work ethic and personality qualities which can influence a person’s probability of securing a professional position. A professional portfolio helps a graduate to portray their strengths and expertise to the employer to show the reason why one is more suitable for a specific job position. Due to the value attributed to the professional portfolio, preparation prior to beginning a portfolio plays a significant role in highlighting some of the most important aspects to include in the portfolio.

A major dilemma that exists when one is yet to write a professional portfolio is what to include and what not to include in the portfolio. Among the various items that one can include in a professional portfolio are a letter of recommendation, past work experience, and academic achievements (Ahmed, 2018). One feature that should be noted is that a professional portfolio should be objective and consist of verifiable information only.

There exist various approaches that can be used to help one improve on their portfolio. Because the portfolio requires a diverse collection of materials, it is therefore important that one should start early enough to have the ability to include all required elements in the portfolio. A good professional portfolio requires one to include both visuals and written overviews to increase their credit. When preparing to write a good professional portfolio, it is important for one to search on the internet to have a better overview of the crucial requirements that can make the portfolio appealing.


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