PRAC 6665 WEEK 3 Assignment 1: Clinical Hour And Patient Logs

Assignment 1: Clinical Hour And Patient Logs

Clinical Hour Log

All practicum activity hours are logged within the Meditrek system for this course. Hours completed must be logged in Meditrek within 48 hours of completion to be counted. You may only log hours with Preceptors that are approved in MediaTek.

Students with catalog years before Spring 2018 must complete a minimum of 576 hours of supervised clinical experience (144 hours in each practicum course). Students with catalog years beginning Spring 2018 must complete a minimum of 640 hours of supervised clinical experience (160 hours in each practicum course). By Week 1, make sure you confirm your preceptor and clinical faculty are set up in MediaTek.

Each log entry must be linked with an individual practicum Learning Objective or a graduate Program Objective. You should track your hours in Meditrek as they are completed.

Your clinical hour log must include the following:
• Dates
• Course
• Clinical Faculty
• Preceptor
• Total Time (for the day)
• Notes/Comments (including the objective to which the log entry is aligned)
Patient Log
Throughout this course, you will also keep a log of patient encounters using MediaTek. You must record at least 80 patients by the end of this practicum.
The patient log must include the following:
• Date
• Course
• Clinical Faculty
• Preceptor
• Patient Number
• Client Information
• Visit Information
• Practice Management
• Diagnosis
• Treatment Plan and Notes — Students must include a summary/synopsis of the patient visit—this does not need to be a SOAP note; however, the note needs to be sufficient to remember your patient encounter.

By Day 7

Record your clinical hours and patient encounters in MediaTek.

Please complete this assignment for 10 different patients thanks
my clinical practicum is a private practice; my clinical working hours will be Thursday and Friday, 8 am- 5 pm,
I will be working with my preceptor, a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

My clinical site is a private practice that provides direct clinical services such as psychiatric evaluation, crisis intervention, psychopharmacology treatments, and referrals as necessary to patients with different psychiatric diagnoses.

On each of my clinical days, I will be seeing 5 patients at my practicum per clinical, which means that i will have to write 5 different patient notes.