Best 157+ Paediatric Nursing Research Topics

Pediatrics as a medical specialty is rather broad as there are other areas within it than you can choose to focus on. as part of your final exam, you will be required to write a research paper. The primary purpose of a research paper is to inform on a new finding to either a known problem or one where you are the researcher formulates but proceed to give a solution or a recommendation.

Considering how comprehensive pediatric nursing is, it is evident that choosing the best topic for your research paper can be challenging. It would be best if you had a topic with enough literature and an area that interests you within pediatrics. This article will find the latest pediatric nursing research topics from various specialties within pediatrics.

How to choose a good topic for your pediatric nursing research paper

To have a good research paper requires you to have a good research topic choice that is unique and strong enough to receive positive feedback from your instructor or professor. Many healthcare students find it challenging and exhausting to narrow down to a topic yet to be discussed to avoid plagiarism.

Pediatric research topics should include in-depth research and analysis of the most common issues in the medical field and further propose changes to be introduced. It would help if you found academic journals that offer information on the subject matter. Pediatric nursing being your discipline, research on works that others have written to understand the relevance before you choose a topic in that field.

How to write a paediatric nursing research

The idea is to find relatable sources which will help you choose a different approach while writing your paper to make me original. Look through various ideas and focus on areas that offer different approaches whereby you can make a personal contribution. Use work by famous nursing experts and support your references with accurate citations, making a prevalence of qualitative elements of your final paper.

Your paediatric nursing research paper’s introduction should have an exciting hook: a statement or an argument. If you are writing on cardiac pediatrics, you should be able to develop a suitable thesis statement.

The body paragraphs should have only the main ideas because too many can be confusing. Note that your conclusion is a recap of what you write in the body; too many ideas will leave your conclusion incomplete as you can incorporate them all in two paragraphs.

Your final paragraph is a call for action. Provide personal recommendations of the information provided. If you used statistics in your research paper, it is critical to include a list in notes, if applicable. Below is a list of pediatric nursing research topics to choose from;

oncology pediatric nursing research topics

Pediatric oncology nursing is a highly specialized role that offers care to pediatric patients receiving cancer treatment. It also entails working together with other healthcare team members to prepare the patients for treatments like chemotherapy and cases of offering palliative treatment.

  1. Genetics and pediatric leukemia
  2. Infections and pediatric leukemia
  3. Increased risks of leukemia in children with down syndrome
  4. Maternal smoking and leukemia
  5. Brain cancer in children
  6. Play therapy in pediatric oncology
  7. Work-related stress by oncology nurses
  8. Predictors of patient satisfaction in pediatric oncology
  9. Psychological issues in pediatric oncology
  10. Adult experience in pediatric oncology
  11. Systematic reviews in pediatric oncology
  12. Psycho-oncology pediatric care
  13. Psychology in pediatric oncology research and practice
  14. Phantom limb pain in pediatric oncology
  15. Communication skills training in pediatric oncology
  16. Communication difficulties in pediatric oncology
  17. Use of alternative treatment in pediatric oncology

Neonatal nursing research topics

Neonatal nursing is a subspecialty that works with newborn infants with various medical problems; prematurity, congenital disabilities, infections, and surgical problems. The neonatal period is the first month of life, but some infants are often sick for months. Neonatal nursing cares for infants with problems immediately after birth but also for infants with long-term problems as a result of prematurity or illness after birth.

  1. Oxygen use in neonatal resuscitation
  2. Meconium suctioning at the perineum
  3. Changes in neonatal resuscitation
  4. Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn
  5. A physiological approach to cord clamping
  6. Initial breaths ventilation strategies
  7. Devices for assisting ventilation
  8. Chest compressions
  9. Temperature control
  10. Vascular access
  11. Cord clamping timing
  12. Neonatal intestinal flora
  13. Alteration of the normal flora
  14. Probiotics pathophysiology
  15. Retinopathy of prematurity
  16. Criteria for screening

Neurology Paediatric nursing research topics

Pediatric neurology, called child neurology, is the medical field that works on children’s nervous systems. A pediatric neurological nurse cares for children from birth through teenagers undergoing examinations or treatment for neurological problems.

  1. Treatment and management of epilepsy
  2. Neurogenic pain
  3. Neurological biomarkers
  4. Applied neuroimaging
  5. Neuromuscular disorders
  6. Neuro-infectious diseases
  7. Neuro-genetics
  8. Hemiplegia (stroke)
  9. Meningitis
  10. Hydrocephalus
  11. Spina bifida
  12. Tics disorders
  13. Cerebral palsy
  14. Brain tumors
  15. Brain abscess
  16. Gillian barre syndrome
  17. Paraplegia
  18. Brain malformations

Genetics pediatric nursing research topics

Pediatric nurses encounter children with genetic disorders in almost all specialty areas of their work. This is one area where you can choose a nursing research topic if you have a passion for it.

  1. Abnormal hands
  2. Heterozygote testing and carrier screening
  3. A human gene mutation is an inherited disease
  4. Human developmental disorders
  5. Psychosocial effects of visual facial differences
  6. Cancer genetic screening
  7. Human mitochondrial genetics
  8. Cardiac genetics
  9. Down syndrome
  10. Craniofacial genetics
  11. Congenital disabilities and congenital anomalies
  12. Autism
  13. Gene therapy
  14. Tuberous sclerosis
  15. Ectodermal Dysplasia
  16. Fragile X syndrome
  17. Aarskog syndrome

Pulmonary Paediatric nursing research topics

Pediatric pulmonary nursing involves caring for children with either lung disease or respiratory conditions. Below is a list of pulmonary pediatric nursing research topics o choose from:

  1. Asthma
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Bronchitis
  4. Cystic fibrosis
  5. Apnea
  6. Technology dependent children
  7. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  8. Lung cancer
  9. Home ventilators in children
  10. Tracheostomy in children
  11. Effects of smoking and vaping in pregnancy
  12. Respiratory syncytial virus
  13. Protracted bacterial bronchitis (PBB) in children
  14. Pertussis (whooping cough)
  15. Interstitial lung disease n children
  16. Hermansky pudlack syndrome
  17. Healthy sleep in teens 2022
  18. Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS)2020

Cardiac pediatric nursing research topics

Pediatric cardiology nurses work mainly with children with cardiac issues. They also monitor growth and nutrition, coordinate care, and educate patients and their families on the diagnosis, procedures, and medication.

They also work with other healthcare team members, like a dietician and social worker, to ensure that the patient receives wholesome care. Below is a list of pediatric cardiology research topics you can write for your paper.

  1. Acute therapy for children born with congenital heart disease
  2. Pediatric heart failure therapy
  3. Regenerative therapies in children with congenital heart disease
  4. Pulmonary artery banding in dilative cardiomyopathy of young children
  5. Feasibility of arterial tonometry in and children adolescents
  6. Maternal arterial stiffness
  7. Vascular function after the repair of coarctation of the aorta
  8. Pulmonary hypertension
  9. Rheumatic heart disease
  10. Arterial septic defects
  11. Tetralogy of Fallot
  12. Cardiovascular risk in children due to obesity

Pediatric intensive care nursing research topics

If you choose this specialty of pediatric critical care, you will encounter various illnesses that children and adolescents can have. It is a unit that needs passion, which can be the driving force among those who want to be PICU nurses. Pediatric care is a medical specialty recognized for over three decades. Below are research topics in this area of study.

  1. Research of standards of care in PICU
  2. Parental physical proximity in end-of-life
  3. Parenting at the end of life
  4. Intensive care needs and outcome of mortality
  5. Challenges of family-centered care in PICU
  6. Evaluation of noise levels in the pediatric intensive care unit
  7. Professional roles at the end of care decisions in the pediatric intensive care unit
  8. The role of PICU nurses
  9. Experience of parents with children in the pediatric intensive unit
  10. Parental stressors in the pediatric intensive care unit
  11. Morbidity in pediatric intensive care
  12. Improvement in patient transfer from the operation room to PICU
  13. Measuring the quality of therapeutic care in the pediatric intensive care unit
  14. Early versus late tracheostomy in PICU
  15. Guidelines for proton pump inhibitors in the pediatric intensive care unit
  16. The outcome of infants admitted to the PICU with unrepaired heart disease
  17. PICU nurse’s pain assessment and intervention
  18. Impact of ventilator-associated Tracheobronchitis in the PICU

Perinatal Paediatric nursing research topics

Perinatal nursing is the care and support of women before, during, and after delivery. A perinatal nurse offers education on pregnancy and childbirth and further oversees the mother and child during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

As a perinatal nurse, you will work with obstetricians, perinatal nurse practitioners, and midwives on several occasions. Perinatal nursing is diverse, and there are many options for choosing great pediatric nursing research topics.

  1. Pregnancy weight gain
  2. Effects of maternal smoking or vaping during childbirth
  3. Effects of pre-eclampsia
  4. Comparison between home and hospital delivery
  5. Breastfeeding
  6. Leading causes of maternal death
  7. Mother-infant mental health
  8. Postpartum depression
  9. Postpartum psychiatric syndrome
  10. Effects of maternal anxiety on the development of the baby
  11. Pregnancy and obsessive-compulsive disorder
  12. Postnatal mental illness
  13. Antidepressant treatment during breastfeeding
  14. Current opinion on HIV and AIDS during pregnancy
  15. Bipolar disorder recurrence in pregnancy and postpartum

Pediatric nursing dermatology research topics

Pediatric dermatology is a specialty that deals in treating children’s skin, hair and nails. Treatment is offered to children of all ages, from infancy to adolescents. They diagnose and treat various illnesses, from acne to skin cancer. Below are pediatric nursing research topics on pediatric dermatology.

  1. Acquired nail disorders
  2. Treatment and management of acne
  3. Skin cancer
  4. Psoriasis in children
  5. Causes and treatment of eczema
  6. Infancy infections and the development of atopic dermatitis
  7. Red light and blue light therapies for mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris
  8. Congenital nail disorders
  9. Nail dystrophy
  10. Subungual hematoma; black nail discoloration after an injury
  11. Treatment of vitiligo
  12. Burn treatment
  13. Birthmarks
  14. Scabies
  15. Treatment of herpes zosters
  16. Vascular birthmarks
  17. Localized scleroderma
  18. Nodular melanoma
  19. Skin care practices in infants
  20. Advances in atopic dermatitis

Pediatric topics for presentation

If you have been asked to make a presentation, there are many areas on that you can choose and base your work. Pediatric health education is broad, and subspecialties are available over a wide ray of choices to select from. Below are available options you can opt for.

  1. ADHD
  2. Asthma and control
  3. A child with a limp
  4. Adrenal disorders
  5. Anemia
  6. Hematuria
  7. Headache
  8. Congenital heart disease
  9. Allergic rhinitis
  10. Eczema
  11. Down syndrome
  12. Irregular menses
  13. Jaundice in both neonatal and other possible causes of the illness in children
  14. Fever guidelines for infants
  15. Growth delay
  16. Kawasaki
  17. Common complications for premature babies
  18. Cerebral palsy
  19. Seizure
  20. Pubertal abnormalities
  21. Sickle cell

Evidence-based practice in pediatric nursing topics

Evidence-based research aims to transparently use prior research to inform a new study that efficiently answers relevant questions. While choosing an ebp nursing topic, ensure that your research provides the most effective ways of improving patient outcomes.

  1. What constitutes “evidence” in evidence-based practices
  2. Integrating clinical and evidence-based practice
  3. The role of staff development
  4. The need for evidence-based medicine
  5. Use of human milk fortifier in low birth weight infants
  6. High-flow nasal cannula
  7. Kangaroo mother care
  8. Aquatic therapy for children with muscular dystrophy
  9. Behavioral Health
  10. Antibiotic resistance
  11. Effects of trauma-informed care on DCN
  12. Investigation of whether care improved evidence-based practice
  13. Role of evidence-based practice in promoting collaborative decision-making in the pediatric intensive unit
  14. Impact of nursing leadership styles
  15. The evidence base for sexual abuse in developing countries

Pediatric surgical nursing research topics

Pediatric surgical nursing involves taking care of children who are due for surgery. This care proceeds after surgery and subsequent hospital visits. A pediatric surgical nurse needs to be competent and technologically safe with the ability to coordinate a care team and offer emotional support to the patient and their family. Below are several pediatric surgical nursing research topics you can either choose to write on or serve as inspiration as you research and write your final research paper.

  1. Surgical management of pediatric Choledochal cysts
  2. Management of pediatric achalasia
  3. Suture less closure for the management of Gastroschisis
  4. Review of gastroesophageal reflux in a pediatric patient
  5. Analysis of pancreas operation in children
  6. Re-operative surgery in anorectal malformation patients
  7. Enhanced recovery after surgery in children
  8. Same-day discharge vs. observation after laparoscopic pediatric appendectomy
  9. Surgical outcomes of children born with Hirschsprung’s disease
  10. Surgical outcome of infants with meconium ileus
  11. Parental experience when a baby needs early surgery
  12. Enhanced recovery after surgery in children
  13. Diaphragmatic hernia
  14. Review of the modern surgical management

Pediatric rheumatology nursing research topics

A pediatric rheumatology nurse works with children and adolescents with inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system and other autoimmune diseases. Pediatric rheumatic diseases in children are different from adult ones. They have different characteristics as exhibited by the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. This medical specialty has many areas on which you can base your research with any of the below-listed options.

  1. Lupus
  2. Effects of hormonal change on early onset systematic lupus
  3. Childhood arthritis
  4. Gene expression in childhood arthritis
  5. Macrophage activation syndrome in pediatric lupus erythematosus
  6. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  7. Pediatric rheumatic diseases
  8. Pediatric rheumatology quality of life
  9. Physiology and immune system dysfunction
  10. Takayasu’s arteritis

Orthopedics pediatric nursing research topics

Orthopedic nurses work with patients in extreme pain from an injury or long-term medical condition. They are mainly the first contact when a child is taken to the hospital in such a condition. An orthopedic nurse provides pain relief and manages dressings, casts, and drains.

  1. Evaluation and treatment of scoliosis
  2. Septic arthritis of the hip in infants and children
  3. Management of early symptoms of the acute septic hip in infants
  4. Spine deformity
  5. Knee deformity
  6. Growth plate disorders
  7. Limb length deformity
  8. Spine and pelvis surgery
  9. Soft tissue tumors skull reconstruction
  10. Sport injuries
  11. Sports injuries orthopedic surgery
  12. Tendon bone healing
  13. Therapeutic exercises
  14. Pain management
  15. Post-traumatic complications
  16. Evidence-based anatomy and orthopedics
  17. Club foot

Interesting pediatric topics

As a nurse caring for a group of pediatric patients, you may not necessarily want to base your research on a specific area; however, you can choose a topic that you find interesting and write on it. Passion for the topic you are writing on is vital, so if a topic interests you and is part of a journal of pediatric nursing, work on it.

  1. Mimics of neonatal sepsis
  2. Children with primary immune-deficiencies
  3. Maternal interventions to improve neonatal outcome
  4. Prevention of pulmonary tuberculosis
  5. Diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis
  6. Growth hormone therapy
  7. Prevention of bronchopulmonary dysplasia
  8. Approach a child with congenital heart failure
  9. Early diagnosis of autism
  10. Chromosomal microarray
  11. Diagnosis and management of celiac disease
  12. Childhood immune thrombocytopenia
  13. Antibiotics resistance
  14. Childhood obesity
  15. Down syndrome
  16. Diagnosis and management of acute viral hepatitis in children

Pediatric cardiac nursing anesthetist research topics

Pediatric cardiac anesthesia entails anesthetizing children undergoing major surgical procedures for congenital heart disease. A cardiac nurse anesthetist takes care of children undergoing surgery and other cardiovascular procedures. They also inform the family about the procedure and what to expect during and after it.

  1. History of anesthesia
  2. Neonatal anesthesia
  3. Malignant hyperthermia
  4. Airway events
  5. Cardiovascular events
  6. Medication errors
  7. Non-operative room anesthesia(NORA) sedation
  8. Obesity

Lactation consultancy research topics

As a nurse, when you assist women through pregnancy and delivery, you might also be required to help them with breastfeeding if necessary. Breast milk is vital in providing necessary nutrients that aid in the growth and development of an infant. It further provides other benefits for both mother and child.

There are different opinions on whether to breastfeed or not, so the topic can be considered controversial. There are topics available to research, and the list below will help you choose a topic that suits you best.

  1. Bioactive components of breastmilk
  2. A comprehensive approach to breastfeeding
  3. Breastfeeding and reduced risk of breast cancer
  4. Breastfeeding support
  5. The importance of breastfeeding to the brain development of an infant
  6. Importance of exclusive breastfeeding
  7. Evaluation of breastfeeding in developed countries
  8. Breastfeeding among working mothers
  9. First-time mothers and breastfeeding
  10. To breastfeed or not

Bottom line

There are many areas within pediatric nursing where you can choose pediatric nursing topics for research from. It is almost impossible to find a topic that has not to be written on; of importance is to write a unique and original paper no matter the topic and give your recommendations.

List the best paediatric nursing research topics and narrow them down to a topic with enough literature to research from and, most importantly, one that is within your area of interest and that you are passionate about. A research paper is detrimental to the overall performance and significantly contributes to the final exam. Take time in your research and writing to ensure you provide a journal of pediatric research that guarantees the highest grade possible.