95+ Latest Paediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics And Ideas

Paediatric nursing focuses on providing care to neonatal babies, infants, children, and adolescents (Perry et al., 2017). The role of paediatric nurses is crucial in the healthcare system. As a result, they must have extensive knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care to the pediatric population. Because paediatric nursing education is evidence-based, nursing students may be required to research various topics (Klingbeil and Gibson 2018). The following are paediatric nursing dissertation topics.

  1. The impact of cost-cutting initiatives and the quality of pediatric nursing services in English newborn wards were investigated.
  2. Adolescent obesity causes problems for child health nursing workers in the United Kingdom.
  3. Communication issues in UK pediatric wards and their impact on service quality
  4. Neonatal nurse staffing practices in the United Kingdom and the United States.
  5. ADHD causes and treatment options
  6. Autism and Antibiotic Resistance in Preschool-Age Children
  7. Causes of Infant Seizures and the Influence of Social Media Practices in Adolescent Medicine
  8. Obesity in children and the importance of a healthy diet
  9. Paediatric ethics.
  10. The pH of the neonatal cord blood indicates perinatal asphyxia.
  11. A randomized controlled trial of plastic bag wrapping to reduce hypothermia in premature newborns was conducted.
  12. Neonatal cord blood and venous blood were compared to detect early-onset sepsis.
  13. Clofibrate is given in a single dose to newborns with jaundice.
  14. Weight gain in KMC babies versus non-KMC babies
  15. Identifying the risk of lung cancer in patients with childhood asthma.
  16. The efficacy of oxygen therapy in alleviating the symptom of shortness of breath in pediatric patients.
  17. The attitudes of pediatric nurses toward hand hygiene.
  18. Deep breathing exercises effectively reduce shortness of breath in children with asthma.
  19. The role of pediatric nurses in neonatal clinical emergencies
  20. They can access underprivileged areas and child health nursing services in the United Kingdom.

    New Paediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics And Ideas

  21. IN Breathing difficulties in newborns and nursing challenges in modern metropolitan hospitals in the United Kingdom
  22. The ability of child health nursing personnel in London’s private hospitals to deal with unusual disorders.
  23. In the United Kingdom, misdiagnosis and nursing issues plague pediatric units.
  24. A critical examination of the availability of nurse resources for good child care in British hospitals.
  25. A comprehensive examination of mother and child health nursing services is available in the United Kingdom.
  26. A phenomenological study on student nurse placement assumptions and practical posting for child health nurses will be conducted in the United Kingdom.
  27. What are the main differences between student and professional life experiences for UK child health nurses? A research project based on grounded theory.
  28. An exploratory examination of existing practices and initiatives in the United Kingdom to determine the importance of child health nurses in breastfeeding intervention and promotion strategies.
  29. A comprehensive review of the literature on children under five’s emotional and mental health.
  30. Is there a need in the UK for nurse guidance and assistance with dietary difficulties for first-time mothers, and how is this need met?
  31. An extensive review of the literature on teething issues in children under the age of ten and the role of nurses in providing information to parents and children.
  32. How do nurses in the United Kingdom handle cases of child abuse? A research project based on grounded theory.
  33. Are UK nurses qualified and experienced enough to detect sexual abuse of children under 14?
  34. A research project based on grounded theory.
  35. Examine the differences between child health nursing and other nursing specialties in the United Kingdom.
  36. The role of paediatric nurses in assessing Type 1 diabetes risk factors.
  37. Paediatric nurses’ role in the management of Neonatal Jaundice
  38. Communication skills in pediatric nursing are effective.
  39. Pediatric nurses’ knowledge and perceptions of healthcare facilities available in the United States.
  40. Are child health nurses in the United Kingdom adequately prepared to assist children under ten who have witnessed maternal or domestic abuse? This is an initial investigation.
  41. How did academic nursing education prepare nurses in the United Kingdom to handle clients’ IPV during home visits?
  42. Are mothers of different ethnicities concerned about their children’s weight? An exploratory study.
  43. Is there an adequate supply of child health nurses in the United Kingdom? An initial investigation.
  44. A thorough review of the factors influencing child health nurse workloads in the United Kingdom and valuable measuring tools.
  45. A study of the challenges faced by nursing staff on the pediatric ward due to misdiagnosis.
  46. Examine the standard pediatric nursing staff training provided by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.
  47. Identifying common communication challenges and potential solutions between nurses and physicians on European paediatric wards.
  48. The impact of cost-cutting initiatives on the quality of paediatric nurse services in European newborn units.
  49. An assessment of paediatric nursing practitioners’ knowledge and training in responding to children with nephrotic syndrome.

    Latest Paediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics And Ideas

  50. An investigation of the factors contributing to oral health issues in school-aged children.
  51. An investigation into the paediatric nursing needs of dialysis patients’ children
  52. An examination of paediatric nursing practitioners’ training and competence in treating chemotherapy-treated children.
  53. An investigation into the transmission of infectious and viral diseases among schoolchildren.
  54. An examination of nursing education programs in the field of leukemia nursing care for children.
  55. Examining pediatric nursing professionals’ practice and knowledge of pre-operative and post-operative nursing care for children with intestinal blockages.
  56. Between 2000 and 2021, an evaluation of the development of paediatric nursing guidelines for dealing with autistic children was conducted.
  57. An investigation into pediatric nursing education for dealing with patients suffering from neurological disorders.
  58. Analyzing the impact of nursing education programs on the ability of paediatric nursing practitioners to assist patients with post-operative pain management.
  59. School nurses are being trained to help students cope with stress related to their education.
  60. How can nursing education help nurses treat children suffering from mental health problems due to social pressure?
  61. Investigating the drawbacks of placing children in nursing homes during their formative years.
  62. There is a link between orphan children raised in abusive households and a proclivity for crime.
  63. Should nursing professionals working in UK hospitals require a master’s degree?
  64. What effect does expanding pediatric nurses’ patient-care responsibilities have?
  65. What role can pediatric nurses play in convincing parents to vaccinate their newborns?
  66. Analyzing training and educational programs for pediatric nursing personnel to increase their cultural, ethnic, and racial awareness
  67. The efficacy of improved healthcare policies for pediatric nursing personnel is being studied.
  68. There is a link between poverty and childhood illnesses in postnatal newborns.
  69. The effect of the death of a young patient on child nursing workers in English hospitals.
  70. The NHS has established standards for professional training in pediatric nursing.
  71. A quantitative study of child health nursing and nursing workforce burnout was conducted in London.
  72. Terminally ill children and their nurses face both emotional and intellectual challenges.
  73. Child health nursing education in the United Kingdom and the United States is compared. A review of the pediatric nursing literature in British history.
  74. Child nursing education and training: A look at the UK’s ambitions for the twenty-first century
  75. Child breastfeeding standards in developed and developing countries are compared and contrasted.
  76. Private schools in London have on-site child health care.
  77. Obesity-affected patients in the United Kingdom pose challenges for child health nursing staff. Communication issues in British paediatric wards and their impact on service quality

Simple Paediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics And Ideas

  1. A critical examination of the impact, benefits, and significance of “play therapy” for children with autism spectrum disorders in the United Kingdom.
  2. An in-depth examination of the factors influencing child mortality in the United States of America.
  3. Poverty plays a role in the spread of pediatric diseases in third-world countries. This case study focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa.
  4. A case study of children’s nutritional status is essential to community nursing in the United States of America.
  5. The effects of the deaths of young patients on child nursing workers in UK hospitals are being investigated.
  6. A case study of pediatric nursing in the history of the United Kingdom
  7. A study comparing pediatric internship training tactics and approaches in the United States and China.
  8. A case study of Manchester private schools with in-house child health nurse services.
  9. Problems in children’s wards in US hospitals are being investigated. An examination of their service quality.
  10. A study comparing newborn nurse staffing patterns in the United Kingdom and Brazil.
  11. An examination of the nursing resources for adequate child care in Canada.
  12. The importance of emotional and mental health support for children under five is highlighted in the United States of America.
  13. Divorce limits the availability of children’s health nursing resources in the United Kingdom.
  14. The nurse’s role in exacerbating children’s pre-existing medical issues caused by their parent’s divorce.
  15. Parental child nursing in the United Kingdom: Congenital diseases in children and parent’s ability to care for them.
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