50+ Latest Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

Many students struggle with writing their nursing capstone projects because they lack an idea to write on. And, if they do have a concept, they don’t know how to proceed or lack the time necessary to write it.

Here are some latest nursing informatics capstone project ideas suggestions:

  1. A thorough study on biometrics
  2. The future of informatics investments
  3. Storing data for nursing informatics
  4. Employing a classification system for pediatric patients
  5. A checklist of informatics for nurses
  6. pros and cons of biometrics to the nursing profession
  7. Linking small practices with technology
  8. Research on the use of computerized provider order entry about patient mortality from cancer
  9. Data research to improve and develop the safety and security of patients
  10. Healthcare management through e-learning
  11. Incorporating current systems for nursing information
  12. Nursing informatics degree: A comprehensive study
  13. Controversial issues in nursing informatics
  14. Adoption of technology regarding healthcare supervision
  15. What should be prioritized for the future informatics investments
  16. Usage of decision modeling processes
  17. The privacy and safety of health data
  18. Clinical issues surrounding informatics
  19. A study of nursing informatics in the most populated states in the US
  20. Evaluating the utilization of technology in professional training
  21. An assessment of nursing informatics between urban and rural areas
  22. A review of the significance of technology in care provision
  23. The present situation of nursing informatics
  24. Patient’s perspective on nursing informatics
  25. An assessment of the use of technology in patient education
  26. Government investment in nursing informatics
  27. Nursing informatics is linked to the quality of nursing service
  28. The current situation of nursing informatics in rural areas
  29. A study on nursing informatics for the past ten years
  30. The use of nursing informatics for Alzheimer’s disease
  31. Getting to know Telemedicine
  32. Skills needed for nursing technology
  33. The safety of using electronic health records
  34. Increasing hospital nurse retention
  35. Competence and value of electronic health record
  36. The legality of electronic health record
  37. Graphics as a tool to apprehend nursing informatics
  38. AI in the field of nursing
  39. The pros and cons of the electronic health records system
  40. The status of nursing informatics in underprivileged countries
  41. The essentials of nursing informatics from the perspective of the management
  42. The government’s take on nursing informatics
  43. The use of technology in care provision
  44. A study on disease-based issues
  45. The development of nursing informatics for the diagnosis of terminal diseases
  46. Utilization of nursing informatics to reduce hazardous drug interactions
  47. How electronic records be safe from hackers
  48. Nursing informatics about genomics
  49. Drug development through nursing informatics
  50. A study on the proper storage systems for healthcare managers.

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