NURS 6052 Week 4 Discussion Searching Databases

By Day 3 of NURS 6052 Week 4

Post a brief description of your clinical issue of interest. This clinical issue will remain the same for the entire course and will be the basis for the development of your PICOT question. Describe your search results in terms of the number of articles returned on original research and how this changed as you added search terms using your Boolean operators. Finally, explain strategies you might make to increase the rigor and effectiveness of a database search on your PICO(T) question. Be specific and provide examples.

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Sample Solution

Searching Databases

Clinical issues deserve maximum attention since they affect health care quality and patient safety. My clinical issue of interest is workplace incivility among nurses. In a healthcare context, workplace incivility involves discourteous and disrespectful actions towards health professionals (Abdollahzadeh et al., 2017). Such actions can occur without any intention to harm, but the effects are far-reaching. Nursing research has found workplace incivility detrimental to the quality of patient care and nurses’ health (Ma et al., 2018). It affects nurses’ confidence, interprofessional collaboration, and mental health. Anxiety is also high in healthcare environments characterized by incivility leading to job burnout and low resilience (Shi et al., 2018). The impacts are severe and profound, necessitating evidence-based interventions. NURS 6052 Week 4 Discussion Searching Databases

Scientific research on workplace incivility among nurses is extensive and explores numerous practice areas. The initial search on the solutions to workplace incivility produced over seventy articles. A significant number could not match the threshold of scientific articles for nursing since they should be scholarly and up-to-date (Abu-Baker et al., 2021). Some were not specific on the issue. Adding the search terms using Boolean operators brought fewer articles but was relevant to the topic. Articles on policy interventions and incivility awareness will be used to develop the PICOT and explore the clinical issue in more detail.NURS 6052 Week 4 Discussion Searching Databases

Database search is challenging depending on the topic of interest and the database chosen. To increase the rigor and effectiveness of a database search on my PICOT question, word choice must be excellent and specific to the topic. For instance, nurse incivility should be used in the search process instead of workplace incivility. The proposed evidence-based intervention (policy interventions and increased awareness of workplace incivility) should also be included in the search phrase. It is also vital to search the articles for developing the PICOT from multiple databases. To get articles specific to the clinical issue and relevant overall, I should filter the search using years of publication and the peer-reviewed option that several databases provide.


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