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NUR 504 Week 1 Complete Tasks

NUR 504 Week 1 Complete Tasks

NUR 504 Week 1 Discussions 1

Discuss the differences between research, research utilization, and evidence-based practice. You may want to link this to the historical evolution of research in nursing.

NUR 504 Week 1 Discussions 2

Identify and discuss two major ways in which qualitative research differs from quantitative research. Is one better than the other? Provide reference(s).

NUR 504 Week 1 Benchmark: Evidenced-Based Practice

NUR504 Week 1 Benchmark: Evidenced-Based Practice (EBP) Summary Latest

Select an article from a peer-reviewed nursing journal regarding an EBP process or implementation.

Write a summary of 750-1,000 words that includes the following criteria:

  1. An introduction that explains the focus of the article.
  2. A summary of key points of the article.
  3. A list of the steps taken by nursing to develop and implement an EBP.
  4. Application of the learned information to a practice setting where the student either identifies an EBP that has been applied to your setting or a practice problem that would benefit from the implementation of an EBP.
  5. A clear and concise conclusion.

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