NRNP 6541 Week 2 Assignment: i-Human Adam Barnes

NRNP 6541 Week 2 Assignment

NRNP 6541 Week 2 Assignment; i-Human Adam Barnes

 Patient Information: AB, 5-year-old, African-American, male


 CC (chief complaint): bottom itches

 HPI: Adam is a 5-year-old African-American male who presents to the clinic with his mother complaining that his bottom itches. He has a history of chronic constipation. He is currently only having 1-2 BM per week. When he is feeling constipated his mother increases his fiber and water intake, as well as gives him Miralax which helps, but they have not tried at this time. His mother notes redness and scratch marks around his rectum. Adam denies any abdominal pain or diarrhea. He has poor hand hygiene and bites his nails frequently. NRNP 6541 Week 2 Assignment: i-Human Adam Barnes.

Current meds: None

 Allergies: NKA

 Pertinent PMHx: Adam is in general good health. He has a history of chronic constipation that started after the cessation of breast feeding and worsened during potty training….. Continue