NR 281 Case Study Final Assignment

NR 281 Case Study Final (Devry)

NR 281 Case Study  

1) Due by Thursday, April 19 by 6 pm in the e-College dropbox for NR 281.

2) Typed, full sentences where indicated. No more than 2 pages, excluding the reference page. No title page, no running heads, no page numbers required.

3) Reference(s)  APA style on separate page.

4) See Grading Rubric for grading and details.

5) Papers may be submitted to Turnitin. Your work must be your own.

NR 281 Case Study Final Questions

1. You think C.M has congestive heart failure (CHF)? From his history and the data above, what do you identify as the probable causes and risk factors for C.M.?

2. Describe the basic pathophysiology behind CHF.

3. Describe the basic pathophysiology behind lower extremity (ankle) edema.

4. You are getting ready to do your physical assessment on C.M. List three (3) things you would want to assess to confirm your suspicions about a CHF diagnosis.

5. What lifestyle modifications (at least four) would you teach C.M. that he can make in his life or change to minimize future episodes of CHF problems?

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