MKT 315 Topic 8 Sales Management

MKT 315 Topic 8 Sales Management

MKT 315 Topic 8 DQ 1

Watch the video “Sales Management.” Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of personal selling when compared to other forms of marketing communications. Discuss the role a sales manager plays in improving the overall performance of sales people. In replies to peers, discuss whether you prefer personal selling or other forms of marketing communications and explain why.

MKT 315 Topic 8 DQ 2

View “The Global Environment for Marketing.” As the marketer for Create Cookbooks, you have been tasked to expand the target market from a local to global presence. Currently, the company cookbooks have sold well at local bookstores, kitchen stores, and community college campuses. Describe a strategy that would enable your company to successfully market the product to an international audience. In replies to peers, discuss additional components that could be applied to make the strategy more effective.

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