MIS 610 Topic 8 Discussions GCU

MIS 610 Topic 8 Discussions GCU

MIS 610 Topic 8 DQ 1

You have employed several commonly used database automation tools in your work throughout the course. Discuss which of these tools has proven to be the most useful overall. Provide your reflective analysis with support from your work, an industry example, or the Topic Materials.

MIS 610 Topic 8 DQ 2

Looking forward to current and future needs in your own industry or one in which you desire to work, describe how the more advanced SQL server integration services (SSIS) data migration software, SQL server analysis services (SSAS) online analytical processing technology, or SQL server reporting services (SSRS) report software could be useful for the industry’s current needs as well as to propel growth. Justify your ideas with support from the Topic Materials or relevant industry examples.

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