MAT 144 Entire Course GCU Latest

MAT 144 Entire Course GCU Latest

MAT 144 Week 1 Discussion 1 

Choose one country that you might visit during your mission trip for the course project. Select a duration for your trip between two and six weeks, and then choose a number of participants between 5 and 10 people. Suppose one goal of your group is to speak to every adult citizen in the country. How many citizens must each missionary need to talk to per day, per hour, and per second to speak to every adult citizen in that country? Is that goal reasonable?

MAT 144 Week 1 Discussion 2

A deductive argument is valid if the conclusion necessarily follows from the premises. It is sound if it is valid and the premises are true.

Pick three of the following arguments and clearly explain why each argument is or is not valid or sound.

  1. 1. No human lives in outer space. Susie lives in outer space. Thus, Susie is not human.
  2. 2. All birds can fly. Ostriches are birds. Therefore, ostriches can fly.
  3. 3. All jobs are easy. Walking is not a job. Hence, walking is not easy.
  4. 4. When it rains, it snows. It is snowing. Therefore, it is raining.
  5. 5. No dog is a cat. Billy is a cat. Thus, Billy is not a dog.
  6. 6. If someone is a medical doctor, they are smart. Dr. Oz is a medical doctor. So, Dr. Oz is smart.
  7. 7. Whichever candidate receives the greatest share of the popular vote is elected President of the United States. Al Gore received more votes than George Bush. Therefore, Al Gore was elected President of the United States.

MAT 144 Week 2 Discussion 1 

From the Course Materials, click the link to The World Factbook on the CIA website to find the current population and growth rate for a country of your choice. Use the population growth model below to predict the population of the country 1 year from now, 10 years from now, 100 years from now, and 1000 years from now. Are all of these predictions appropriate? Why?

Use the model P(t) = P0(1+r)where
P0= current population
r = the population growth rate
t = time in years from now
P(t) = population t years from now

MAT 144 Week 2 Discussion 2

In DQ 1, you predicted the population 10 years from now for the country you chose. Now calculate another projection of the population for 10 years from now and add 1% to the growth rate. Did the new 10-year population projection also increase by 1%? What do your findings signify?

MAT 144 Week 3 Discussion 1

What is percent? Write the formula for percent increase. Write your height in inches. Suppose it increases by 15%, what would your new height be?

MAT 144 Week 3 Discussion 2

Choose two of the following statements and determine whether each makes sense. Support your reasoning with calculations.

  1. 1. I have $100 and my restaurant bill comes to $81, which is not enough to leave a 20% tip.
  2. 2. I found the percent decrease in a jacket’s price to be 120%.
  3. 3. My weight increased by 2% in January. My new weight decreased by 2% in February, so I am back at my original weight.
  4. 4. My rent increased from 20% to 30% of my monthly income, so the percent increase in my monthly rent check is 10%.
  5. 5. At a clearance sale, the price of a pair of boots is half off the original price. I also have a coupon for half off the clearance price. If I use this coupon, I can get the pair of boots free.
  6. 6. The final price after tax of a stereo is $110.00. The tax rate was 10%. $110-$110*.10 = $99, so the price before tax was $99.
  7. 7. I bought a jacket that was first marked down by 20% and then was reduced another 30%. Therefore, I saved 50% on the jacket!
  8. 8. A population of mites increased fourfold in four days. This means the population doubled in two days.

MAT 144 Week 4 Discussion 1

Use the digits of your birthday as the amount of your initial investment (i.e., 6/25 is $625), calculate the value of this investment after 10 years at 3.5% APR for interest compounded yearly, quarterly, monthly, and daily. What do you notice?

MAT 144 Week 4 Discussion 2

Choose two of the following statements and determine whether each makes sense. Support your reasoning with calculations.

  1. 1. Assuming that a 3-year car loan has a lower interest rate than a 5-year loan, people should always select the 3-year loan.
  2. 2. After depositing $1,500 in an account with an APR of 4%, my balance at the end of the first year was $(1,500)*(1.04).
  3. 3. I have $1,000 to invest. One account will pay 5% interest the first year and 10% interest the second year. Another account will pay 10% interest the first year and 5% interest the second year. It does not matter which account I choose, because I will end up with the same amount of money either way.
  4. 4. I can put away $1,000 towards retirement today or $1,000 ten years from now. Either way I have invested the same amount so I will end up with the same amount when I retire in 25 years.
  5. 5. I like to keep all my money, so I pay only the minimum required payment on my credit card.
  6. 6. If I can afford to pay for a car out of pocket, I should still take out a loan and make only the monthly minimum payments. That way, the money in my savings account will continue to grow.
  7. 7. Bank A compounds interest once a month, and has no charge for a checking account. Bank B compounds interest every day, but there is a $2/month charge for a checking account. Both banks yield 1.2% APR. Bank A is always the best deal.
  8. 8. If it takes 20 years for a $100 dollar investment to double in value at a certain bank, then it should also take 20 years for a $500 investment to double in value.

MAT 144 Week 4 Mission Project Part B Peer Review Forum

Please follow these steps:

  1. 1. Begin by posting a draft of Mission Project: Part B by the Wednesday, Day 3 of Topic 4 to the Project Peer Review Forum.
  2. 2. Next, review the project of the person who posted his/her response directly below yours in the Peer Review forum. If your draft is the last posted, review the first draft posted. Then, complete the “Peer Review Worksheet” (see attachment).
  3. 3. You will then need to post your completed Peer Review Worksheet to TWO places: to the Mission Project B: Peer Review Forum for your peer to view, as well as to the Mission Project B: Peer Review assignment box, so the instructor can grade your work by Friday, Day 5 of Topic 4.
  4. 4. Attach the file with your completed Peer Review Worksheet to the Project Peer Review Forum as a “reply” to the initial post of your peer’s first draft.
  5. 5. Please note that to participate in the peer review process you must post the rough draft of Mission Project: Part B essay by 11:59 pm (AZ time) Wednesday, Day 3 of Topic 4.

If you do not submit the Rough Draft or Peer Review Worksheet to both places or if you review the wrong person, you may not receive full credit for this assignment.

MAT 144 Week 5 Discussion 1

Take two distinct die that you can easily distinguish from one another or use an online virtual dice roller such as Identify one as Die 1 and the other as Die 2. Using the spreadsheet provided by your instructor, record the results of 20 rolls of the dice. Input the results of each roll for Die 1 and the sum of Die 1 and Die 2 on the spreadsheet to make a scatterplot of the results. Do you think that these two variables are strongly or weakly correlated? Should the correlation be positive or negative? Does the scatter plot agree with your intuition

MAT 144 Week 5 Discussion 2

Suppose you want to determine the typical income of a full time worker in America. Describe how you would sample the population without creating a bias in your sample and justify your reasoning.

MAT 144 Week 6 Discussion 1

Roll two dice and add the numbers. Roll the dice 20 times and record your results. Compute the mean, median, and mode for your data set. Now, replace one of your results with 100. Calculate the mean, median, and mode for this new data set. How did these change?

MAT 144 Week 6 Discussion 2

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the mean height of an American male is 69.3 inches and the mean height of an American female is 63.8 inches. The standard deviation for both genders is 2.7 inches. Assume height is approximately normal for each gender. Calculate your z-score within your gender. Find your percentile using Table 6.3 on page 396 of your text. What percent of your gender is shorter than you are? What percent is taller than you?

MAT 144 Week 7 Discussion 1

A friend invites you to play a game of chance that costs you $1 every time to play. You get to pick one card. You win if you pick the ace of spades. Otherwise, you lose. The amount that you win will be $(40 + the day of your birth). Example: If you were born on the fourth of July, you would win 40+4 = $44. What is the expected value of the amount you will win from each turn? Would it be a good idea to play this game only one time? Would it be a good idea to play 1,000 times?

MAT 144 Week 7 Discussion 2

Every license plate consists of numbers and letters. What is the license plate on your personal vehicle or some random vehicle in your state? Determine how many possible license plates could be manufactured using the pattern of numbers and letters on this license plate.

MAT 144 Week 1 Assignment


Refer to MathXL Student Instructions and Online Student Help, located on the Tools for Success page in the Student Success Center, for information on how to access and use MathXL.

If you are not already familiar with the use of MathXL, spend some time navigating in your MathXL course and complete the MathXL orientation assignment.

MAT 144 Week 2 Assignment


Imagine that you are planning to conduct a mission trip in 5 years. Refer to the attached resource MAT-144 Mission Trip: Part A for complete assignment instructions.

Include three or more scholarly resources, including the textbook and The World Factbook.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guides and Templates, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

MAT 144 Mission Project Part A

Use the following resource to assist you in completing Part A of your Mission Trip assignment.

Imagine that you are planning to conduct a mission trip in 5 years. You should select a specific mission for this project to provide some kind of humanitarian aid to the target population. Many people choose to include evangelism as a part of their mission, though the main goal must be humanitarian. The mission goal may include providing education, medical assistance, clean water, food, or aid.

To keep your mission reasonable, in scale and goal, design your mission to include yourself and 5 – 10 other participants and to be 2 – 4 weeks in duration. Because the mission group is small and the duration is not long, consider goals that can reasonably be accomplished within the allotted time. Choose a small target population for your mission. For example, if you want to bring medicine to two small villages in Peru, the villagers are your target population. It is not reasonable to try to bring medicine to the entire population of Peru with a small group of missionaries on a month long trip.

Choose three countries from the Country Data Spreadsheet provided in the Course Materials that you would consider going to for your mission trip. Research each country using The World Fact book found on the Central Intelligence Agency website”>, other resources such as the U.S. Department of State website”>, and the GCU Library. Consider economic reasons for choosing these countries, and safety concerns that may be relevant to these countries and your mission goals. Remember that you would not go alone on this trip and you are responsible for the safety of the other participants, in addition to your own.

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