How To Write Evidence Based Practice Papers in Nursing

Are you a nursing student interested in learning how to write evidence based practice papers? The importance of basing nursing care on evidence-based research is to improve nursing care delivery services, improve patient outcomes, and assist other agencies in improving health care delivery through published interventions.
Since its inception, the medical field has been one of the essential fields in society. Quality assurance is vital because it can mean the difference between life and death. However, this does not begin in the hospital as a head nurse or doctor but rather at nursing school. Evidence based practice papers are written to prove a specific hypothesis. Are you attempting to invent the wheel? No! Rather, you’re just trying to change it. These papers are essential because they help keep up with trends, save money, evaluate projected outcomes, and eliminate outdated methods. Evidence based practice has a couple of sections written in the same format as an essay but with a twist that I will walk you through. Trust me, by the end of this. You’ll be a pro.

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Guidelines for Writing Evidence Based Practice Papers


You’ll need a title for your evidence based practice starting with the basics. This serves primarily as a guide for what you will write and the foundation for your hypothesis. Your title should be brief and specific about what you will be evaluating. Your tile can also take a few different shapes. It can be a question, a simple statement, or an opposing fact. This way, you’ll have established the tone from the start and given the reader something to look forward to at the end. Think of it as a trailblazer.

Create your thesis

A thesis is essentially the controlling statement on which you base your argument. Keep in mind that a thesis differs from a hypothesis in that a hypothesis is an idea that you can either prove or refute. On the other hand, a thesis is what you stand for and lays out the plan you will be pushing throughout. Any evidence based practice that lacks a thesis is considered an incomplete paper because it leaves much to chance and imagination.

Excellent formatting

Your nursing essay paper format is the eye-catcher, capturing the reader’s attention. Maintaining a professional demeanor while writing your paper is always a good idea. At this point, the best formatting to use is APA formatting. You will discover that once you have mastered this formatting, all you need to worry about is the content, and the rest will fall into place. APA formatting is primarily used in social sciences and provides a continuous flow of ideas, which explains its dominance. It is divided into four major sections, which are as follows:
Title- This gives the reader a hint about the appearance and directs them to which facts to use during their evaluation.
The abstract. This is the foundation of your thesis, and you should try to explain it in no more than 250 words and no less than 150 words. Show your reader that you know what you’re talking about.

Main body– This is the “flesh” of your paper, containing all the facts, figures, and arguments. This is the platform where you can combine all of your ideas and arguments to strengthen your thesis.
References- Many people who have had their papers rejected will tell you that they lacked this section. This is where you tell your reader where you got the information. But first, hold that thought; I’ll elaborate on it in a moment.
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The amount of research you conduct will determine the quality of your work. As you may be aware, half a dose is not the same as a full dose in this field. A 1*12 prescription is not the same as a 2*1 prescription. They don’t add up medically, although they add up mathematically. You must obtain current references and ensure that you indicate where it is taken from if you decide to quote something. After all, you want to create new content. This is simply a process that you will follow; the title gives birth to your thesis, your thesis gives birth to research, research gives birth to evidence, and evidence gives birth to the evidence-based paper you seek. You should realize that you are not limited in the number of contexts from which you can conduct research. You can cover a broad range of topics to gain credibility. Also, make sure that your facts are correct. Remember that the quantity of your research is directly proportional to the quality of your work as you write your evidence based practice papers in nursing.


Returning to what I promised earlier, references take the guesswork out of your paper. They are the most reliable indicator of research, and they are even better when linked together. You can establish an interrelationship between your references, which further strengthens your paper. Although you are only proving your hypothesis, you can create an original piece based on the work of others. Getting creative is one way to accomplish this, and when you borrow their ideas, make sure to give them the credit they deserve. In this manner, you will have put your best foot forward in evidence based practice papers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always describe your methods. You should exercise extreme caution in this matter because your credibility is at stake. You should ensure that all measurements, figures, interviews, observations, and surveys are taken precisely and correctly. Do this, and trust me, you will have appropriately anchored yourself in your paper. Get the suitable material, format it correctly, and make sure everything is precise, and you’ll be fine.

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