HCS 455 Week 2 Health Policy And Perspectives Grid

HCS 455 Health Policy and Perspectives Grid

Complete the Health Policy and Perspectives grid.

As discussed in Week 1’s reading, Chap 3., p. 63, The White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity and the Pew Health Policy Research: Kids Safe and Healthful Food Project have the policy goal of improving the health status of children across the United States.  Complete this grid based on this policy issue of childhood obesity.

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Policies and Perspectives

Complete the Health Policy and Perspectives grid based on the scenario that your instructor has provided to you.

Identify 4 to 5 stakeholders whose perspectives must be considered in the policy.

Complete all grid sections with a statement on the varying perspectives of the various stakeholders you have identified and who are involved in the policy issue.

List 4-5 Stakeholders who would be affected by this policy: Possible perspectives held by these stakeholders:

Be sure to cite any references used in APA format properly.