ECS 501 Topic 1 Class Wall Biography GCU

ECS 501 Topic 1 Class Wall Biography GCU

Participating and getting to know other students in your class is important in order to create the online community at GCU. The Class Wall is a place for students to network and get to know one another. Your first post to the Class Wall will be a biography to share information about you with fellow students.

Here are some things to consider including in your biography:

  1. Your name
  2. Where you are from
  3. Your family
  4. The degree program you are enrolled in
  5. What you currently do for a living
  6. Your hobbies or interests
  7. Motivation for pursuing a graduate degree

Your biography should be about 150 words.

Submit your biography to the appropriate assignment drop box as well as to the Class Wall by the end of Day 2 of Topic 1.

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