DNP 960 Topic 3 IRB DPI Committee GCU

DNP 960 Topic 3 IRB DPI Committee GCU

DNP 960 Topic 3 IRB – DPI-Committee-Approved Proposal Submission

You are required to submit your DPI-Committee-Approved DPI Project Proposal to iRIS by the end of this topic.

Note: Learners are required to submit this assignment in full and according to the required instructions no later than Topic 7 of this course. Late submissions after Topic 3 will earn less than full points.

Learners who do not submit this assignment as described by the end of Topic 7 will not pass this course, and will be required to retake DNP-960.

General Requirements:

Use the following information to assist you in executing the correct procedures for timely, successful completion of the assignment:

  1. APA format is required. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
  2. You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.


  1. Review the resources within the IRB Documents Folder, located on the DC Network. Navigate to the IRB Documents Folder by selecting DNP Community, DNP Program Documents, DNP-960 Folder, and then the IRB Documents Folder.
  2. Read the “IRB Documents Checklist for DNP Learners,” located in the DNP-960 Folder.
  3. Review the IRB Submission Training Videos for iRIS.
  4. Review “How to Start Your Application in iRIS,” located in the DNP-960 Folder.
  5. With your chairperson, determine which documents you will need to submit for your IRB application, based on the “IRB Documents Checklist for DNP Learners,” located in the DNP-960 Folder.
  6. Use the following document templates as needed: informed consent, site authorization letter, recruitment script, confidentiality statement, conflict of interest form, and HIPAA authorization form, located in the DNP-960 Folder/IRB Documents Folder.
  7. Incorporate any/all feedback, as required from the DPI committee proposal defense process.
  8. Resubmit the DPI Project Proposal (if applicable) to your DPI committee for final approval.

Directions for Submission:

Upload the following IRB application forms to the IRB portal, as they pertain to your specific DPI Project, and to the assignment drop box for your chairperson to review and approve:

  1. IRB Application Form – Complete the online application form in iRIS using the “How to Start Your Application in iRIS” and “How to Complete the Initial Submission Packet” resources, located in the DNP-960 folder. Save a PDF copy and submit it to the assignment drop box.
  2. DPI-committee-approved proposal with all required revisions.
  3. CITI training reports (human research basic course and RCR).
  4. Site authorization letter (on letterhead, signed, and dated by authorizing official) or IRB approval letter from the hospital or clinical site.
  5. Conflict of interest form – This is now included in the online application form in iRIS. Make sure to complete this section in the application.
  6. Confidentiality statement– This is now included in the online application form in iRIS. Make sure to complete this section in the application.

If applicable, also submit the following:

  1. Informed consent documents.
  2. Recruiting materials.
  3. Copies of surveys, instruments, interview questions or measures.
  4. Permission letters or e-mails to use the surveys and instruments (if needed).
  5. HIPAA Authorization Form.

After your chairperson has approved your application materials, follow the “Create a New Submission Packet in iRIS” resource instructions. Upload your chairperson-approved IRB documents and notify your chairperson that the project is ready to be submitted via the Individual Forum and in iRIS.


Your DNP chairperson is the only individual who can submit your project in iRIS.

Portfolio Practice Hours:

Practice immersion assignments are based on your current course objectives, and are intended to be application-based learning using your real-world practice setting. These assignments earn practice immersion hours, and are indicated in the assignment by a Portfolio Practice Hours statement that reminds you, the learner, to enter in a corresponding case log in Typhon.

Actual clock hours are entered, but the average hours associated with each practice immersion assignment is 10.You are required to complete your assignment using real-world application. Real-world application requires the use of evidence-based data, contemporary theories, and concepts presented in the course. The culmination of your assignment must present a viable application in a current practice setting. For more information on parameters for practice immersion hours, please refer to DNP resources in the DC Network. To earn portfolio practice hours, enter the following after the references section of your paper:

Practice Hours Completion Statement DNP-960

I, (INSERT NAME), verify that I have completed (NUMBER OF) clock hours in association with the goals and objectives for this assignment. I have also tracked said practice hours in the Typhon Student Tracking System for verification purposes and will be sure that all approvals are in place from my faculty and practice mentor.

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