Top 130 New Descriptive Essay Topics For Genius

Are you stuck in choosing your descriptive essay topic? Worry not. This article highlights 130 descriptive essay topics you can write about. Before looking at the topics, it is important to know what is a descriptive essay.

What is a descriptive essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of academic writing that describes a person, situation, object, place, or experience. It encourages students to write about certain experiences using a detailed and vivid description.

A descriptive essay tests your ability to creatively use language. This aims at conveying a memorable image of what you are describing to the reader.

Descriptive essay topics

When assigned a descriptive essay, your professor can choose a topic for you or instruct you to choose one. Here is a list of 130 descriptive essay topics you can write about;

Descriptive essay topics on activities and favorite things

This section highlights common topics for a descriptive essay related to things you might enjoy. This section has suitable descriptive essay topics for grade 7, they include;

  1. The best movie you ever watched

Describe the plot and the most favorite episode in the movie

  1. The house of your dreams

While writing about this topic, use imaginations for most of the parts. Describe the interior and the exterior of the house. Also, describe the feelings attached to it.

  1. Your favorite book

Write about the book you love reading. It might be a novel, scientific monograph, and a volume of essay among others. Explain whether you have a hard copy or a soft copy.

  1. Your favorite movie character

Describe the movie character you love and the reasons you love him/her.

  1. Your best friend

Describe your best friend and give reasons why you chose him/her among other students. Explain how you first met.

  1. What was your first trip overseas?

Explain your trip overseas, where you went, and when. Explain the fun you had and the memories you still keep.

  1. Your first memory

This is a very interesting topic for a descriptive essay. The topic can, however, make you happy or sad. Do not choose it if you are not comfortable with writing it.

  1. Your first love

This is a good descriptive essay topic. Be careful when writing about it. Write an essay and not a diary of your romantic feelings.

  1. A concert to remember

You must have attended many concerts, but there is one that you can never forget. Explain it and give the reasons you will remember it forever.

  1. My first internet encounter

This topic is not suitable for you if you belong to the millennium generation. You can, however, write about your experiences and feelings when using the internet.

  1. Your favorite music genre

Why do you love this genre? Do you get any feelings while listening to the music genre?

  1. Tears of joy

Sometimes happiness can be expressed by crying. What happened during that particular time? When was it?

  1. Your first flight

Many people say that they felt afraid before boarding a plane for the first time. Is it the same for you? Describe your experience with your first flight.

  1. Your longest trip

Not everybody enjoys long trips. Explain the longest one you ever traveled. Did you love it?

  1. Your dream career

What profession do you dream of every day and why?

Travelling and geography descriptive essay topics

This area relates to the observational skills you possess. These are common essay topics for grade 6 students. They include;

  1. White nights in Canada

Have you ever visited Canada during the white nights? What was the experience?

  1. A seaman’s day on a ship

Explain how a seaman feels on a ship. How does it feel to be away from home for some time?

  1. The heart of Africa

How does it feel to go on a safari and see a lion standing not so far from you? Is it a tensing or an exciting moment?

  1. Another world-Iceland

Iceland is one of the most wonderful countries in the world. It is famous for geysers, volcanoes, and northern lights. Explain the things that make Iceland such an amazing destination.

  1. The beauty of the northern lights

Have you come across the northern lights? If not, have you watched a TV documentary or a movie about them? Share your feelings and thoughts.

  1. Adventure in the Andes

History, nature, and mysteries. Try to imagine and write about your experience.

  1. The sight of an astronaut

Think of what an astronaut sees from an international space station and explain.

  1. A Himalayan expedition

Imagine being a part of the Himalayan expedition. Describe the difficulties and experiences.

  1. Starry sky and its beauty

What beauty comes with the observation of the stars? Explain.

  1. A journey in the space

This descriptive essay topic is philosophical though a very interesting one. Imagine a journey through space, through solar galaxies and systems. Explain the experiences.

  1. The wonders of New Zealand and Australia

What is special between the two countries? Has the Lord of the Rings only been found in the land of New Zealand?

  1. Places to visit in Asia

Talk about Asia and its beautiful sceneries

  1. Top 5 travel destinations in Europe

Which is your favorite travel destination among the 5? Explain why you love it. It may be a city, country or place.

  1. The most beautiful place on earth

Is it a volcano, a mountain, city, or town? How was the feeling after getting to the place? What makes you plan to go back to the place?

  1. The most exciting sail tour

Have you ever traveled across the sea? Talk about the experience. Would you like to go back? Why?

Descriptive essay topics related to associations and memories

This section comprises introversive and reflective topics. It involves descriptive essay topics for grade 5 because they are easy activities and events to narrate. They include;

  1. Warm winter evenings

Imagine a warm winter evening relaxing in the backyard with family members or friends. How is the experience?

  1. May childhoods fairytale

This also means an amazing place, beautiful moments you had in your childhood days. It might be spending time with your grandparents, or games you played, among others.

  1. A hot summer day

The summer season is a favorite for many people. What do you love doing during the season?

  1. A day in school

What does it look like to be in your school for one day? What happens around the school and during class time?

  1. The best teacher

Talk about the teacher who inspires you the most. Why?

  1. The best picnic with my parents

Where did you go for the picnic with your parents? Explain the experience and memories.

  1. Your childhood

Describe several special memories you have from your childhood life. You do not have to narrate all your childhood life.

  1. A Christmas story

What do you and your family love doing during Christmas? Do you feel the spirit of Christmas when it is almost? Describe it.

  1. A day at the seaside

Do you consider staying at the seaside as one of your favorite times? What do you do?

  1. Your favorite pet

Talk about your favorite pet. What memories do you have of it? Do you treasure them?

Descriptive essay topics related to the history

Topics in this area deal with important persons and events from world history. To write about the topics, you need to research to gain enough knowledge about them. Here are the topics;

  1. The legendary commander Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is a well know historic leader. What was so remarkable about this leader?

  1. The European king; Napoleon

During which era did napoleon rule in Europe? There is something he wanted to achieve which he eventually did. Explain.

  1. The hopes voyage; mayflower

Can this event be considered the most important in history? Is it correct to say that it was the voyage of hope to many? Explain.

  1. The war of independence in America

What was this warlike? Was the war considered important by the people of America? Explain.

  1. The pearl harbor tragedy

This is believed to be the most devastating war in the history of America. What were the consequences of the war? If you have any family story connected to the war, describe it.

  1. The most important event in the History of the world

Describe the event according to what you think. What effects has the event had on the world today?

  1. The greatest person in history

Who was he/she? What do you think the person achieved that is considered great and made them the greatest?

  1. The historic museum visit

Describe your experience at the museum. What did you see that impressed you so much?

  1. History’s life lesson;

Do you think that school life is detached from real life? Can a history lesson be differentiated from a life lesson?

  1. A Caribbean pirate

Explain what the life of such a pirate is like. Do you think you can do something similar to that? Explain.


Descriptive essay topics related to daily life

This area includes easy descriptive essay topics about daily life events and occurrences. Try to select the most interesting part of your life. Do not describe everything but conclude the most memorable events in your life.

  1. In the supermarket

What do you normally shop for in the supermarket? Do you consider yourself a countless consumer? Talk about your supermarket experience.

  1. On your way to school

What crosses your mind when on your way to school? Is there anything you associate with the way? Talk about it.

  1. How your normal day looks like

This is perhaps the simplest descriptive essay topic of all. What do you do in your daily life? What is your daily routine? Explain.

  1. A visit to my neighbors

Do you love visiting your neighbors? Is it important and would you advise people to do so regularly? Explain.

  1. A fishing day

Explain how fishing is like. If you have never fished, write an image of the day. Describe what you can do.

  1. Cooking in your life

Do you love cooking? Talk about your favorite meal to prepare. Drop the recipe.

  1. On your way to the workplace

What do you feel or think while reporting to work every day? Are you excited or afraid about anything? Write about it.

  1. Favorite sport activity

Sports are important for a healthy life. Which is your favorite sports activity? Why?

  1. How you spend time with family

Spending time with the family is one of the most important things in life. Talk about how much time you spend with your family members. Do you enjoy the time?

  1. The worst day of your life

Everyone has a day they hated most in their lives. Write about the feelings you have about that day. What happened?

College descriptive essay topics

Unlike in middle school or high school, where descriptive essays need only the use of styles that incorporate the five senses. The majority of descriptive essay topics for college students require thorough research. Here are some of the topics;

  1. Describe one of the most famous people you would like to meet

Almost everybody has a person they desire to meet in a lifetime. Talk about one famous person you admire and would like to meet them. Give reasons why you would like to meet them.

  1. Abraham Lincoln

Talk about Abraham Lincoln, the president who was in power during the American civil war. What impact did he make in America during those times?

  1. Mother Theresa; the catholic mission nun

What do you know about this great woman of faith? Write about the great deeds and acts of mercy she was known for.

  1. The United States capital

What do you love about the United States’ capital city? Explain.

  1. School rules

Do you think going to school in uniforms is outdated? Would you like students to be given the freedom of dressing?

  1. Role of teachers

Should teachers strictly teach without instilling discipline in students? What do you think is the role of a teacher as a moral guide?

  1. Elite schools

What is your thought on elite schools? Do you think they put a gap between the rich and the poor? Explain with examples.

  1. Sustainable development goals

What are the goals? Do you think that sustainable development goals have been achieved after four years of the government promises?

  1. Collective action

Describe how the world defines collective action. Discuss economic turmoil, climate change, and inequalities.

  1. Social inequalities

What is your opinion on the ever-growing rate of social inequalities and authoritarianism? Describe giving examples of such cases.

Religion, philosophy, and science descriptive essay topics

These include topics related to intellectual issues. They require a deep understanding of what you want to write about. While writing a descriptive essay on any of these topics, ensure you remain neutral.

  1. My confession about religion

Talk about the day you confessed your religion. How was it like?

  1. Your perception of God

This is a serious topic that you can approach in many ways. Talk about how you feel about God. Are there any instances that made you feel different about God?

  1. Meeting with God

Are there any personal experiences you have with God? Talk about them.

  1. Your favorite philosopher

Talk about your favorite philosopher. Why is he/she your best?

  1. The philosophy of your life

Talk about the philosophy of your life. This can be a deep topic so, provide your worldview.

  1. What does life mean to you?

What is life to you? Talk about it from your experiences and feelings.

  1. Scientific theories that influence you the most

Are there any scientific theories that influence you in any way? Are they part of biology, chemistry, or physics?

  1. Scientific adventures

Write about your adventures and experiences with science. What are they like?

  1. Brilliant technology

Is there any technology that impresses you the most? Talk about it.

  1. Great scientists

Write a descriptive essay about any scientist that you feel has contributed a lot to humankind. Why do you feel so?

Professional descriptive essay topics

Professional descriptive essay topics

This involves descriptive essay topic ideas for various interesting professionals. You can talk about various people and their duties and jobs. They include;

  1. Describe the life of a football player

What is it like to be a football player? Describe the work and lifestyle

  1. Being an NBA star

Is it true that NBA players get a lot of money? Describe their life, is it easy or hard?

  1. An Olympic champion

Talk about an Olympic champion you know and explain their life. Is it full of suffering or dreams?

  1. Being an aircraft pilot

Is it one of the most difficult careers to studying? Write a descriptive essay about the profession.

  1. One day as a doctor in an emergency room

What are the roles of doctors in emergency rooms? Explain.

  1. Your favorite Hollywood star

Which Hollywood star do you prefer the most? Explain why.

  1. Engineers work

Engineers are not very famous but their work is essential. Explain what they do.

  1. Being a policeman

What are the roles of a policeman? Do you think it’s a nice career to pursue?

  1. The united states president

How is the life of the United States president? This topic is not classified as a profession but under diplomacy and politics.

  1. A day in the army

Have you ever imagined spending one day in an army? What would it be like? Why?

Descriptive essay topics for middle school

Middle school students may find it challenging to find good descriptive essay topics to write about. Here are some topics for different grades;

Descriptive essay topics for grade 8

  1. Write about your favorite cartoon character

Do you have a favorite cartoon character? If yes write about them. What do you like most about the character?

  1. A special photography session you ever had

Do you love taking photographs? Write about one shoot you can never forget.

  1. An important time in history

Do you have one time you feel was special in your lifetime? It could be an event, a place, or a certain experience. Talk about it.

  1. Do you want to be famous?

Talk about one famous person you admire to be like. Why do you admire them?

  1. Favorite songs

Write about the genre of music you love listening to. Why do you think you love it?

Descriptive essay topics for grade 9

  1. What is your favorite hobby

A hobby is something you love doing during your free time. Write about your favorite activities and why you love them.

  1. Do you have a favorite movie? Describe it, what are the special features about the characters in the movie?
  2. What is your favorite subject and why?

You must have a subject that you love and find interesting to read than others. Explain the subject and why you like reading it.

  1. Your favorite clothes, what are they like?

Do you have specific clothes that you love wearing? Do they make you feel special in any way? Write about them.

  1. Your favorite gaming

Do you like gaming? If yes, what is your favorite game and why?

 Descriptive speech topics

  1. A day of a just married couple

Describe one romantic day of a just married couple. What is it like?

  1. A failed project

Many projects are never implemented despite spending time and energy building them. Talk about such a project. What does it feel like to have a failed project?

  1. A day as a Koala

Animals have their stories just as human beings do. Talk about one day as a Koala. You can choose another animal if you are not comfortable writing about this one.

  1. A walk in the zoo

What does it feel like to walk in the zoo?  Is it different when you are an adult?

  1. A jump in the bungee

Write about an interesting descriptive essay topic that will attract a lot of interest.  Analyze different examples of descriptive essay topics to find the best.

  1. An internet story

Have you met new people online and become friends with them? Explain how it happened? What were the circumstances?

  1. A strange party

Have you ever attended a party and felt like it was strange to you? What was extraordinary about it?

  1. A superstition

Do you or a close person have a superstition? Talk about the interesting things about it.

  1. Computers as part of life

Discuss computers being part of the life of human beings. Do you think they have made work easier?

  1. The heaven every woman wants

What is the best place that every woman wants to visit? A jewelry place or a shoe shop?

Descriptive essay topics for high school

  1. The garden I decorated
  2. The day I shed my first tears of joy
  3. My favorite music genre
  4. My favorite coffee shop
  5. My first love
  6. A trip to oversees
  7. My favorite ice-cream flavor

Do you love ice cream? If yes, write about your best flavor and why you prefer it over the rest.

  1. My best photographer

Do you have a favorite photographer? Explain what you love about them.

  1. The concert I can never forget

Have you ever attended a concert that interested you most? Talk about it. What made it special that you cannot forget?

  1. My dream house

Talk about how you would like your dream house to be. The budget for the house and things that can never miss inside the house.

Narrative descriptive essay topics

These topics are different from ordinary descriptive essay topics. They involve narrating a story from a first-person perspective. This includes a narrative descriptive essay topics list.

  1. My first time attending a fashion show
  2. How my hard work led to the success in my life
  3. My first time baking
  4. How my typical day looks like
  5. A day I visited my friend across the border
  6. My favorite movie character
  7. My favorite author
  8. My last day of schooling
  9. My 16th birthday celebration
  10. What I love doing during my free time

To sum up

Mentioned above are some of the best descriptive essay topics you can write about. Ensure you choose a topic you are passionate about and interested in.

After choosing a descriptive essay topic, the next step is to write your essay. Ensure you follow the right format. This includes the introduction, body, and conclusion.

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