Criminal Law Experience Writing

Criminal Law Experience Writing: write a thoughtful, professional response to one of the three following prompts:

1. If you could change one law that you think is unjust, wrong, or ridiculous, what would it be and why? How would the world change for you and in general if this law was changed for the better? Instead of just using your opinion, be sure to support your argument with examples and logic.

2. Most of us know someone who has been involved in a court case, whether it be a civil suit, a divorce, or a criminal matter. Write about this person’s experience with the court system in as much detail as you can. You are also free to use something you personally have been through and may conceal your identity with a pseudonym if you so choose.

3. Do you completely follow all laws? Discuss a time you’ve broken a criminal or traffic law or at least a time you’ve thought about breaking one. Are there good reasons to break laws once in a while? Where is your limit of what law you might consider breaking?

HERE ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT: No citation or references are required. Mostly personal opinion or experience. It must be a minimum of three pages, double spaced with one-inch margins. There is no maximum. It must use correct and professional grammar, avoid jargon, and be simple and concise while still remaining professional. Get Essay Writing Help.