Case study: Black Prince Holidays;

Case study: Black Prince Holidays;

1. Describe the nature of the organisation including the product or service type as well as demand type, using taught terms and concepts. (25 words)

2. Analyse the characteristics that would be expected of the operation both in terms of the 4Vs and the

desirable performance attributes (SQFD&C) (150 words)

Black Prince Holidays Case study  Sample solution

Case study: Black Prince Holidays

Nature of the Company

Black Prince Holidays is a holiday company based in the United Kingdom that offers canal boat holidays mainly during the summer months. The company has a fleet of over 30 boats that are available for hire (Black Prince Holidays).


The characteristics that would be expected of Black Prince Holidays are that it is a high-end tourism operator with an emphasis on luxury and premium services. It should have strong brand recognition, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. It would also need to be able to rapidly and effectively deploy new marketing campaigns, as well as keep up with changing trends in the travel industry (Black Prince Holidays). Finally, it should be able to manage its costs effectively in order to remain profitable over the long term. Based on these characteristics, the 4Vs for Black Prince Holidays would likely include value (high-end services and amenities), variety (offer a wide range of services and activities), customer service (provide high-quality customer service), and quality (offer high-quality products and services). The desirable performance attributes (SQFD&C) for Black Prince Holidays would likely include the speed of response to customers’ needs, the accuracy of information provided, consistency of quality, responsiveness to changes in demand, and ability to meet targets.


Case study: Black Prince Holidays.