39+Latest Business Ethics Research Paper Topics

Business Ethics Overview

Business ethics is regarded as a critical area of study in business school. This is due to the extensive debate in the business world about the importance of business ethics. This makes it a good field for business ethics research paper topics and ideas.

Such debate is based on moral theories, which business ethicists frequently employ to investigate the various interests that motivate businesses to act ethically.

To comprehend the entailed interests, it is necessary first to define what business ethics entails.

Business ethics can be defined as follows:

“A type of professional or applied ethics that investigates various ethical principles as well as ethical and moral issues that arise in the business environment.”

As a result, this understanding is critical when investigating various business ethics research paper topics.

Business Ethics Research Areas

It should be noted that writing a business research paper is almost certainly a requirement for graduation from business school.

However, your graduation assignment may require you to write a research paper on local business ethics or a research paper on international business ethics.

It is important to note that when it comes to business ethics as a research topic, you must look into various domains of business operations to find appropriate business research paper topics.

Such domains could include: 

This is an important area to investigate, especially concerning business ethics issues. Social media has evolved into a powerful marketing platform, as well as a contentious one.

As a result, you could seek to evaluate various aspects of social media marketing, such as false advertising or the marketing of regulated products.

  1. Diversity in the workplace

Although it has received considerable attention, workplace diversity still poses significant ethical quandaries.

It can be a source of contentious business topics, particularly given the ongoing immigration and labor issues associated with immigrants.

  1. Use of Customer Data

When it comes to creating business research topics, this is another area of interest. Customer data has been used in various ways in the modern world.

As a result, you may wish to investigate the ethical issues or the approaches businesses should take when acquiring and using customer data.

  1. Pricing Factors

Pricing is another area to look into for potential business research topics. This could look at the various critical factors in product or service pricing approaches.

You could investigate the implications and significance of business ethics in pricing in today’s business environment.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

This is yet another viable area to investigate for various business ethics research paper topics. CSR is becoming increasingly important in business operations around the world.

As a result, CSR may be an interesting topic to investigate for your international business ethics research paper.

  1. Product Security

You could look into the various product safety concerns that have arisen. This may include an examination of the associated legal requirements and scientific knowledge.

Although this is more focused on the history of business ethics, you could look for emerging issues in today’s business environment.

  1. Workplace Safety

You could also consider this area when looking for suitable business research topics. Organizations are very concerned about workplace safety.

It’s also worth looking into the history of business ethics regarding workplace safety.

  1. Bribery and Corruption

Corruption and bribery are at the core of business practices and ethics. As a result, you could concentrate on topics that seek to assess the prevalence, form, consequences, and corrective approaches.

This could apply to both international and domestic organizations.

  1. Business Interactions

For all commercial enterprises, there are numerous ethical concerns in commercial transactions. As a result, it is a viable area for business research topics.

You could focus on interactions between businesses and other businesses or between businesses and their customers.

  1. Employee Issues    

This is another crucial area when developing business ethics research paper topics. The modern work environment has raised issues such as remote working, employee ownership, etc.

You can study the ethics of these issues.

You can look into the above topics for business ethics research paper topics for your research paper.

It should be well-known that, depending on the issues you are interested in, numerous other areas could be studied.

Some of these areas usually concentrate on the history of business ethics or contentious business ethics issues.

 Business Ethics Research Paper Topics Examples 

After determining your area of study interest, it is time to find specific topics to study.

However, some business ethics research paper topics to consider include:

  1. Is excessive business prices and fees attributed to corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
  2. The importance of ethical behavior among business managers in the success of a business.
  3. The effect of deceptive advertising practices on customer trust.
  4. The effects of gender discrimination and bias on organizational employee performance.
  5. The role of ethics in the hiring practices of institutions of higher learning
  6. Difficulties in implementing ethical business practices are required for the development of sustainable tourism.
  7. The link between unethical decision-making and business failure/insolvency.
  8. The effect of poor environmental management by a company on customer loyalty and trust.
  9. The conflict and interaction between business research studies and publication motivations and goals.
  10. The social consequences of construction industry worker exploitation
  11. The application of business ethics theory taught in higher education in a practical business setting.
  12. Approach to ethics in the publishing industry in sponsorship authoring deals.
  13. The use of ethics in business decision-making in the online environment.
  14. Examine how business ethics are taught in higher education institutions in developing and developed countries.
  15. Effective application of business ethics in the United States stock exchange market.
  16. The relationship between a company’s code of ethics and the development of employee trust.
  17. Understanding the business code of ethics from a manager’s perspective.
  18. This is a history of ethics in business decision-making.
  19. The link between gift-giving behavior and business ethics in pharmaceutical firms.
  20. Examine the various ethical decision-making challenges that business enterprises face.
  21. The role of culture in defining immigrants’ business ethics
  22. The relationship between a pharmaceutical company’s code of ethics and sales force behavior.
  23. Creating organizational structures that encourage adopting ethical behavior in the workplace.
  24. Effective business ethics approach to CSR among automobile manufacturers
  25. The role of ethics in the effective interaction of business organizations and civil society
  26. Workplace factors that promote the development of unethical behavior
  27. Business enterprises face various ethical quandaries when making decisions in modern society.
  28. Elements for developing a shared culture of ethical responsibility among employers and employees.
  29. The psychological aspect of corporate ethics in the workplace.
  30. The nature of corporate and white-collar criminal behavior in today’s business environment
  31. Methods for ensuring that an organization’s ethics effectively reflect reality in the business world.
  32. Sexual harassment management in the workplace.
  33. Instilling everyday work ethics in employees from various cultural backgrounds.
  34. Factors to consider when developing multinational companies’ environmental policies in different countries.

The role of ethics in good corporate governance.

  1. The professional conduct of individuals in relation to work ethics, ethical behavior, and crisis management in the workplace.
  2. The role of ethics in conflict prevention and resolution in the business environment.