BUS102 Management Principles


Semester 1 

Assessment Details

Assessment 2: Video Presentation & Written Summary (Group and Individual) This assessment has two parts. Due: Video presentation or PPT presentation in Week 11 and Written Summary Week 12

PART A: Video Presentation or PowerPoint Presentation: 20% (3 minutes individual Presentation after group class discussion). BUS102 Management Principles.

1. Your lecturer will allocate time in week 07 or 08 for discussing a particular management decision issue with the other two students. You can make an arrangement by yourself as well.

2. Analyse the managerial practices of an organization discussed in the class. For example, company X’s limitation on the use of plastic to protect the environment. This example of managerial practice will be covered in the Week 6 workshop (Managing Social Responsibility and Ethics).

3. Consult with the lecturer about your choice of topic and then do a meeting with the other two students of your class. The other students (need to mention their full name and CIHE Student ID in the presentation) will act as assistant managers and general employees of the organization, respectively.

4. Film a short video presenting the findings of your analysis. Within three minutes of

the presentation or video recording, the meeting agenda, views, and decisions of management practices must be presented. BUS102 Management Principles.

5. Pose questions, discuss options or solutions to the issues arising (there is not just ‘one

answer’), and present a clear argument for the recommended solutions to the questions you post. Include evidence of the research you do to more fully understand the topic and acknowledge all sources of information. BUS102 Management Principles.

6. If you do the video presentation, then each student should speak for three (3) minutes. Use a smartphone to record your video and use any FREE online video editing tools for pre/post-production.

7. Upload the video on YouTube and submit the link to the teacher during the presentation week (week 11).

8. Your video presentation (or PPT presentation) will be assessed against the following general criteria: Content and quality of information; effective communication through professional delivery and effective use of tools and technologies.

PART B: Written Summary (Individual):

· ➢  Write a 2000-word (double spaced, 12pt font) summary based on PART A video presentation

or PPT presentation and core findings. BUS102 Management Principles.

· ➢  During writing consider how the topic/ideas you analyzed and discussed in the presentation

reflected the relevant contents/topics /readings. Refer to the marking rubric for detail.

All assignments with the standard assignment cover sheet must be submitted through the MyCIHE site in MS Word format. No email/hard copy submission will be accepted.

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