BUS 623 Topic 2 Discussions GCU

BUS 623 Topic 2 Discussions GCU

BUS 623 Topic 2 DQ 1

Complete Problem 4 on pages 377-378 (Chapter 11) of the textbook. Post your completed response to the case in the main forum. The completed case should be approximately 400-500 words. Support your positions and provide citations for all outside sources used to develop and defend your position.

BUS 623 Topic 2 DQ 2

After viewing the case study “Verbal Agreement: Recording Studio Blues” in You Be the Judge complete the exercise there, and determine whether you find for the plaintiff or the defendant. After you receive the judge’s decision on this case, provide an explanation and defense of your position in the discussion forum. Your initial post should include your decision, your reasons for the decision, and evidence from other cases that support your decision. To participate in follow-up discussion, challenge your classmates’ findings and defend your own position. The initial post should be approximately 250 words. Cite any external sources that were not part of the interactive exercise.

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