75 +Latest Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

Nursing is a profession concerned with the health of families, individuals, and communities. Nursing is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging occupations. If you want to be a nurse, you must be prepared to participate in various strenuous activities, even throughout your studies. Due to the breadth of the nursing profession, students will be required to participate in activities other than attending classes and performing practicals. Argumentative essay writing is one of the many duties that nursing students must complete. Argumentative essays help students understand some nursing concepts that do not have a simple solution. We understand that choosing an argumentative essay topic is challenging for students. Students can get the help they need because we’ve selected the best nursing argumentative essay topics below. We encourage students to look over the subjects and select the ones on which they can best argue. Students will find both popular and unpopular nursing argumentative essay topics listed below. We are confident that students will readily know what to write about the topics listed below because they are both engaging and straightforward to deal with.

  1. Do nurses have the same status as doctors?
  2. Are nurses less vulnerable to health risks than doctors?
  3. Do nurses face more stress than doctors?
  4. Should nurses be paid more than doctors?
  5. Nurses should be rewarded more than doctors
  6. Nurses see more patients than doctors
  7. Can overtime work affect the quality of work performed by nurses?
  8. The effects of nurses differ from those of doctors
  9. Nurses are the most resourceful members of the healthcare team
  10. Nurses are more productive than doctors
  11. Are nurses in general careless?
  12. A typical nurse abuses his or her power
  13. Home nurses are typically emotionless
  14. Male nurses are less concerned about patients than female nurses
  15. Is it ethical for nurses to end the life of a terminally ill patient?
  16. The government should encourage men to enter the nursing profession
  17. Nursing is not just a female-dominated profession
  18. Racial discrimination is a widespread issue in the nursing profession
  19. Nurses are more vital than doctors
  20. Nurses from wealthy countries should be required to work in a developing country for at least two years
  21. Should sexualizing nurses be prohibited?
  22. Sexualized nurses are better at dealing with psychological concerns than non-sexualized nurses
  23. Nurses are more patient than doctors
  24. Home nursing should be required to have oversight.
  25. Do nurses have the authority to give medication to patients?
  26. Should nurses be granted a global visa to work wherever their services are required?
  27. Night nurses should be compensated more than day nurses
  28. Nurses should be compensated based on patient outcomes
  29. Is it OK for nurses to be forced to work overtime?
  30. Nurses, like doctors, deserve residencies
  31. Should nurses’ salaries be equal to those of doctors?
  32. What is the optimal amount of nurses in a hospital?
  33. Should nurses and doctors have a tight working relationship?
  34. Nurses’ bonuses should be determined by the amount of overtime they work
  35. Nurses have a stronger emotional connection to patients than doctors
  36. Nurses are more effective motivators for patients who have psychological difficulties
  37. Nurses are more concerned than doctors
  38. Nurses devote more time to patients than doctors
  39. In terms of time management, nurses outperform doctors
  40. Nurses are more forgiving than doctors
  41. Nurses are more susceptible to infectious infections than physicians
  42. Nurses do not take enough precautions when caring for patients
  43. Nurses are often less concerned than doctors
  44. Nurses must be more vigilant than doctors
  45. Nurses should be more caring than doctors
  46. Should nurses talk about personal matters with patients who appear to seek attention?
  47. Is it appropriate for nurses to interact with patients outside their professional responsibilities?
  48. Should nurses be permitted to ask patients personal questions?
  49. Should nurses engage in sexual relations with their patients?
  50. Should nurses provide patients with non-medical advice?
  51. Should the type of relationship that nurses have with their patients be limited?
  52. Home nurses, on average, have a stronger emotional bond with their patients than home doctors
  53. Nurses are more determined than doctors
  54. Nurses provide higher-quality care to patients than doctors

Psychiatric Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some common psychiatric nursing topics for you to consider.

  1. Is uterine transplantation a viable substitute for surrogacy?
  2. When determining who will receive an organ, should the organ transplantation committee consider the patient’s circumstances (marriage, children, successes, and personal qualities)?
  3. Should a doctor be permitted to treat a minor against their parents’ wishes?
  4. Abortion is an authorized procedure.
  5. Should euthanasia be criminalized?
  6. Should surrogacy just be utilized for medical purposes or on an individual basis?
  7. Should those with a sedentary lifestyle be denied organ transplants?
  8. Should physicians be obligated to report instances of organ trafficking (when an individual has the desired organ but it is not on the national waiting list)?
  9. Should childhood vaccines be made mandatory?
  10. Should mental illness patients be treated in or outside of the community?

Health Care Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What role could health care have in preventing suicides?
  2. How does health care address chronic conditions?
  3. Which human rights can influence the notion of public health?
  4. How can school health care facilities be designed to serve kids most effectively?
  5. What are medical interventions necessary to prevent heat-related deaths?
  6. Can a physician refuse to treat a patient with dark skin?
  7. What are the benefits and drawbacks of therapy-assisted by technology?
  8. Why is school health care unable to give the required aid during emergencies?
  9. Why are measurements for alternative medicine considered a source of healthcare risk?
  10. What effect do electronic patient records have on the advancement of medical care?
  11. Should adults receive vaccinations?
  12. What issues must be addressed immediately in the United States healthcare system?
  13. What must be done to guarantee that all patients receive adequate medical care?
  14. Why isn’t the healthcare establishment taking action against online quacks?
  15. What living conditions should each individual have to maintain a healthy mental state, and how can health care accommodate them?