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BIO 316 Week 5 Assignment GCU

BIO 316 Week 5 Assignment GCU

Week Five Assignment Questions

Homework is to be presented as a short (80-word) paragraph response for each question. The assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document electronically to the instructor.

Explain the process and purpose of the Five Rights.

What are the various methods of drug administration? Explain why one method may be chosen over another.

Assess the conditions under which a chest tube is placed and the maintenance and precautions needed.

What purpose do arterial venous lines serve and which vessels are they placed in.

Why is a pulmonary arterial line not an arterial line in the strictest sense of the word?

Organize a plan for your participation in a code.

What are the general requirements for a code cart setup?

1-Clinical Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple Olson, J. (2010). Clinical pharmacology made ridiculously simple (4th ed.). Miami, FL: MedMaster, Inc. ISBN 9781935660002 (Available as print text only)

2-Periodic Table of the Elements

Refer to the Periodical Table as needed throughout the course.


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