BIB 106 Topic 3 Complete GCU

BIB 106 Topic 3 Complete GCU

BIB 106 Topic 3 Discussion 1

At the burning bush the Lord reveals himself to Moses by the name “I Am.” What are the implications of this name for Moses at that specific time, and how does this revelation apply to you and your ministry today?

BIB 106 Topic 3 Discussion 2

What was the purpose and function of the Sinai Covenant (sometimes referred to as the Law) within the life of Israel? What is the significance of the Law within the life of a Christian today?

BIB 106 Topic 3 Review


Utilize the content from the textbook in order to answer the questions in this review. Specific directions for completion are provided in “Topic 3 Review.” This review, and others you will complete throughout the course, will provide you with key points you need to master this content and pass this course. Please refer back to each study guide as needed to refresh your understanding and as a tool to assist you in the course assessments.

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